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Who Needs Sleep Anyways?

Hello friendly neighborhood spidermans and lady’s 🙂 

So For the longest time I couldn’t sleep and that was partly because of working night shifts while going to school and being overly stressed.  So After an unsuccessful  doctors visit, I decided that a few things had to change and one of them being my sleeping habits. Because honestly 2-4 hours a night wasn’t working out for me.

I forced myself to get to bed before 11pm every night and would get up between 6-7am with the aid of sleeping pills. After a week I stopped using them. At first without them it was hard to get to bed but I still tried usually doing yoga helped or reading.

And since then everything has been good, I’ve been sleeping 8 hours a night and now for the first time in 3 weeks I have to work a night shift. I feel like this night shift is going to ruin everything I’ve worked hard to change, But I need the money.  I’m not only working this weekend but next weekend too as well I’ll be working night shifts; about 4.

I really hope I can get back on track with my sleep cycle, It feels good waking up refreshed and ready to do things. Now I feel like I’m throwing it all away 😦 But this can just be the pessimistic side of me kicking in and I’m worrying for nothing.

Oh and aiding my none-sleepness (I tend to make up words- no harm; Shakespeare did it too!) I have this  amazing video game and a new addiction. I personally will take the credit for inventing XboxVideoGamingAddictionInAssociationWithResidentEvil6,  I have been plagued with this addiction.*


*Disclaimer: I am a newbie so something that will take most video gamers 1-2 tries takes me usually 3-7, and yes I’ll admit that

 1) It’s embarrassing

2) It’s hilarious.

3) My dog is the best Video game partner ever!





                So I have a tone of blogs I want to write but just no time! So this weekend I’ll attempt to post as many as I can! There’s my puppy who is no longer a puppy’s birthday and a few changes I’ve made that I’d like to blog about.  Regardless of the fact that I’m working night shifts and have to finish writing 2 essay’s, a literary response , put together an oral, study for a Shakespeare test and study for a Geography exam I’ll still try to post 3 blogs this weekend.

                On a good note I’m actually liking Geography, My average jumped 30% and I’m sure with the last presentation I just had It’ll go up at least 15 more %.  On  a less Woohoo note, I hate economics and even though our teacher is super nice he can’t teach economics. We had our test last Friday and all Thursday I had to teach myself 4 chapters, it was long and tedious but I do believe so worth it.  I also learned that economics is just common sense, and for me to understand it I just have to use everyday examples and I wish the teacher could have said this (it would have been so much more easier). But instead he rather stick to text book methodology.

                Overall I’m kicking this semester in the ass, with mostly A+ and some B’s and  1 D.  (Ahem ! one direction, lol.) And Besides my financial situation which forces me to work at least 3o hours a week, but to be financially happy 50 hours a week, I’ve been doing pretty good. I of course have had some help from family and my Boyfriend’s family helps us too as well, but I’ll blog more about this in another post some soon.

                And lastly My volunteer work has been pretty stand still, I’ve only been volunteering for 1 organisation this semester. Even though I much rather be volunteering for more than one, but I simply just don’t have the time. Which really does bother me, but I do plan on running a food drive this semester like last year for our local food bank 🙂 Last year we received over 200 items an this year since we have almost double the amount of students I’d like to double our goal. (our,as in the school’s goal :))


And just to add in, I have no idea how I am going to get anything done anytime soon with the new purchase of Resident Evil 6, which I love and am going to go play after I post this 🙂