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Can December get any worse


Before you all think I’m being melodramatic like I usually am I’m not. I am seriously discouraged about everything.

The start of the month resulted in my dog eating a 250$ mouth appliance/ retainer thing.

Then following that was the crushing of my hand and the  breaking of my ring finger, did I mention this is my first broken bone and the hand I use to write with? But since then it is relatively healed though I tend to try to over use it which results in me hurting it again.

Then I found out the only time I had an opportunity to work was Christmas vacation and  my company is closed so I have no pay for 2 weeks.

I’m very poor.

I haven’t worked-out much due to the fact that something just keeps happening and this is frustrating because Christmas is coming and I don’t want to gain weight.

 Now I have a cold that had me in my bed all weekend and it’s getting worst. I can’t talk and my throat hurts and is swollen so much and coughing is a nightmare. I have missed so much school this semester and now I’m missing more. I have a final in Geography tomorrow which I am having such a hard time to study for because I can’t breathe nor concentrate on maps and stuff. I hate school. I hate Geography. I hate being sick. I hate the possibility of doing bad on a test too .I have so many assignments to do too as well and I don’t want to let any one down or fail, so I feel uber pressured to do good.  Which isn’t something I normally worry about because I always do good. 

I feel like Christmas is going to be the ‘cheery-on-top’ of everything this year / month/ time period because I can’t afford to buy gifts.  My plan was going to be baking and making gifts but honestly who wants a gift from someone who possibly has strep throat? I know for sure not me. (Regarding more the baked goods)

I remember growing up and thinking I don’t want to be one of those people who hates Christmas and now I see myself being so annoyed with everything that this might happen. Not because of the Christmas aspect just because this has been the worst month ever and it would take a miracle to bring my spirits up and actually be happy in time.

I just want the New year to come with better things in store.