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March Budget 2014

Fixed payments + Goal payments in terms of savings and debt for the month of March.

I get 5 pay checks this month (every Monday 3,10,17,24, and 31)

By month  

Car 50$

Dutchess 100$

Loan 70$

Savings 500$

Phone 80$

Debt 300$

Total 1100$      


By week.  

Car 10$

Dutchess 20$

Loan 14$

Savings 100$

Phone  16$

Debt 60$

Total 220$  

The rest of my pay check will go to food, gas, and fun. (or even savings)

My goals for savings is high this month. I am joining in Carla’s http://halfdozendaily.typepad.com/my-half-dozen-daily/2014/02/march-challenge-take-3-my-goals.html

So I will be posting about a few other goals I have for this month in terms of personal and decluttering ALONGSIDE other Finance goals 🙂


Income Tax Return A.K.A. a pot of GOLD.

I’m quite happy, since last year I had been hoping to make less than average yearly income and buy more, tones actually! Whoa, hold your horses not that much, I mean buying things that are deductible come tax time, like I made a 400$ donation to the SPCA, about 5000$ for braces and had dental surgery for another 800 $, uh paid school myself, live on my own (Boyfriend sleeps over a lot but for solidarity reasons he doesn’t live with me ALL of the time) and with well thought out plan of spend smartly and remember what is deductible  I manage to get 3000 (Give or take, I’m not going to tell the exact amount for personal reasons, a slow integration in to PF is much prefer.) I also paid about 400 to my school loan.  But overall I’m Getting a pretty huge amount back! I just have no IDEA what to do with it.

So this year I kept a folder marked TAX’s and went in super early to get them done, made under 14 000$ ( plus I had a School loan of 4000$) So 18 000$ all in all  was in my possession (And gone so quickly 😦 ) Now here comes my problem that I want all of you PF bloggers to pitch in your advice, What should I do with it ? I have consumer debt and a very small school loan, nothing that I have to pay back yet and I have a huge car insurance bill of 500 $ and braces of about 1800$ left to pay. Besides randoms that is it. 

Now should I divide it up and pay of some parts of my debt or should I invest it, as is I’m surviving all happy with the little debt I have. I make my payments on time and everything is okay in that spectrum. what I was thinking about is investing it because this time next year it might become useful in buying a car or my house from my dad for some miracle of a price. 

So should I:

A) Save half and use other half to pay of certain debts

B) use all to pay back all debts now. 

c) Invest or save all of it. 

Also investing wise/ saving wise what do you suggest ? I’m looking for something that is about a years time. 

Let me know what you all think !


Savin’ some money.

Today I was so determined on getting to Valleyfield to do a few changes (And if you follow me on twitter you know I’m Guilty of  I went to Tim Hortons.)
Today I was paying my bill at our local BMO and my favorite bank teller, favorite as in she knows how to greet me by my name in English and I usually don’t ever have to repeat what I want and also makes super friendly conversation. So my bank teller goes on to say how she has the same phone company as me and says for the price I pay both her and her boyfriends comes up to that amount per month. Therefore I had to head to the Koodo both and change my plan.  I mean two people together are paying what I pay alone ? C’est pas correct.
First things first I pay 25$ for 2 GB’s of internet when I only use 500 MB’s (I had my koodo guy double check from now until October).
Second off, I NEVER use my phone for an actual phone call except for my mom which is long distance of course, but what makes no sense was I had Canada wide calling (30$ base plan with other things) and also Long Distance calling for an extra 5$. Say what ? I’m paying 35$ when one of the things is already included. And breathe.
So my phone plan per month before changes was 60$ but by the time they added roaming and taxes it was 70$. I now have an all included (EVERYTHING I had before, except I have less internet, I got 500 MB) for a low 45$ per month. It’s not that low but when you think about it, it is a huge difference.
A grand total of 25$ of savings (Based on the 70$ taxes included amount.)
I’m happy now, I will put 25$ peer month more in my savings.
*Workin’ out everyday* Song stuck in my head by LMFAO
Peace peeps.