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September challenge update.

Hey peoples,
I’m as per usual late in updating this but I was late starting the challenge. But heres the update 🙂


-Get at least 20hrs a week.

I have been woo – and this week I actually got 30hrs.  But next week I plan on spending some of my money :/


-Save 3000$

Ah no. I actually had to with draw 200 from my TFSA


-Pay off car balance and targo

Car balance is a gone! Targo is a not.


-Pay 200 to school loan at least.

Ah no. Not yet, maybe next week.


So far everything going good I guess, I’m getting work paying thing off. But haven’t been saving and have been using my credit card. Also made a massive purchase I got new glasses (You can see a photo on Facebook) RayBans. They cost about 500$ with the eye exam. Eek.

Also I need a new job like now. I’m so done with factory work.  SO DONE.