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Tuesday Ten

1) The most cutest thing ever that happened today was when I woke up, my dog was sleeping on her back in between me and my boyfriend. Just like a human. With her little paws in the air. Though I couldn’t get a picture of this due to the fact that when I moved she flopped over. But some serious dose of morning cuteness.

2) I have all my bills paid for February  Except for Koodo and Hydro. Which I don’t know how much they will be or when they will come in. Having my bills paid in time is all thanks to the January challenge which has done some serious advantages  for me and my financial progress. I guess you can say.

3) I entered in  Carla’s super duper cute give away, which I hope I win. It would be an early birthday present.

4) I need a new job, very soon and I am presently and actively looking for one. I do have one but I am just at that point that I need to break off from it. I have burns down my legs from the chemicals we use to clean the machines. I have sustained from a broken finger and multiple cuts and bruises. I think it is time to move on a let go, and even though this factory job has paid for almost everything I have I need something new. I feel like I have worked my due and deserve an upgrade. I’m not saying an office job but maybe something that is a little less hard on me, the the age of 30 I’ll be hunched over and crippled.

5) I got flowers today 🙂 thing #2 to make my day.

6) I’m planning a private yoga session with a few classmates as a relaxation before I turn 21. I hate getting older and ALWAYS stress over my birthday so i thought it would be a nice relaxing way to calm down before I turn 21. (Then I’ll party it up  Have fun :))

7) I have been working out 5 days a week with a few different people, I quite enjoy it too.  Motivating and receiving motivation, I got back into Zumba and am just enjoying my afternoons off by getting into shape 🙂

8) My end of January goal is to have once again 400 views and presently I am at 376.

9)I actually have a fucking  Savings account! Well I have always had a savings account but It actually has a couple hundred in it. I’m astonished at how this January challenge has really helped me save a tone! (Well not a tone but a couple hundred!)

10) For some reason, I feel like I have reconnected with plenty of people, for example: my aunt, then I babysitting the 2 coolest kids ever, I have gained 3 new training partners, and me and my bf are going strong   I feel like my social bubble is ever developing even though I lack a few persons from it and really I’m starting to think it is for the better. Sometimes you need to change and move on and honestly that’s what I’m doing and I don’t feel an inch of regret. Forgive and then forget. (Wisdom of the day)

Stay beautiful,