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Things to do..

I have so many things I want to do, and this cold/sore throat/ is really holding my back and sucking all my energy away.

I’ve been wanting to do so much but all I do is sleep.

So today I said I have to do some of my things then once I’m done them I can take a nap.

So Today, I help edit my Bf’s Resume, Showered, and am now blogging (also worked am milking)

I still have a few other things I’d like to do before I lay down (if I even do)

I want to workout more!!!

I keep on jumping in between 3 lbs, and I can run 5km in 36 minutes (terrible I know eh) And I want to improve this time by % minutes before the months over! (But I’m bloody sick -_-)

I also should go see my aunt sometime, my dad and brother need a visit too.

Also Trying to keep RT4, OR HCLFRV as a lifestyle but it is hard.

But one thing I can say is that i’m still vegetarian and I love it ūüôā

I wish saying no was so much more easier. I wish I could just walk a way, but I always give in. Especially to the bad things like chocolate and cupcakes and pizza. NOM.

Do you have any tricks or tips to make saying no easier?

Is being this sleepy normal ?

I need fitness/ health motivation! ?




Where the F is my motivation ?

I have been pretty sore the last two days and haven’t been working out (2 days total not including today) I simply just have really sore knees and usually I run as my workout.

I just don’t know what I can do that will be easier as a workout on them.

Also another thing that has been annoying the fuck out of me was that I was on a downward spiral (in a good way) with weight loss I was at 174 and now since my birthday (cake, ice cream, chocolate galore) I’m back up at¬†179. I want to cry I hate it, I workout all the time but my diet sucks so fucking much i hate how my boyfriends mom buys all the bad foods that I simply cannot say no too.¬†

In my house I only bought good food because “out of sight out of mind” was the only control tactic that worked for me in regards to bad foods. If something is¬†in front¬†of me I will eat it.¬†So clearly I avoid¬†Chinese¬†buffets haha.
So bad food plus no working out equals #fuckmyfatasseasytogainwieghtlifeihatemybellygoddamnitfucktits

Kay who ever figures out what that says I’ll do a small workout.

ANYONE have any suggestions as to what kind of workouts I could do that don’t¬†involve¬†my knees?


Yea buddy

Hello peoples,
As some of you might know I had gained a sum¬†of weight by the end of may 2013. And as some of you might know I’ve been working out¬†and on a diet (the diet is just healthy food and timed eating¬†– none of that starving myself crap). And yea basically¬†I run every other night.

So you guys are probably wondering why I’m like “Yea buddy”¬† as my¬†title, and that sir is because – I can officially¬†and comfortably fit back into my jeans. YEA BUDDY. I mean there is pone thing to be able to SQEEZE¬†back into your jeans but it is so completely¬†different¬†and wonderful if you can fit into them comfortably. I mean like, woo.

Bien any ways I just wanted to share my happiness with you ūüôā and a friendly word of motivation you might not see the results physically but eventually small things will show like your jeans getting lose and being able to fit into smaller clothes os go out there and run ! ūüôā