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March Challenge update

A combination of fitness, finance and fantasticness.

 So I have found that these challenges seem to be effective especially if it is known to my readers because for some reason that just motivates me.  This challenge is called the march challenge or the three ‘F’ challenge and it is a mix of being balanced in life. For me I feel sane when I balance being a great person, working out and being financially stable.
This is my own challenge if you want to join that would be fantastic just leave a comment. If you have a blog you just have to update every Sunday and link me below because I love seeing peoples progress. If you don’t have a blog you can email me your updates at amberesimpson@hotmail,com OR leave a comment below with your updates. Also you don’t need to have the same goals as me you just need at least 1 goal per category : Fitness, Finance and Fantastic.

Red indicates incomplete or fail – however you would put it.

Green indicates pretty complete or a pass.

-465 minutes of a combination of Zumba, yoga and spin classes. Did not calculate but I know I did not reach my goal.
-500 minutes of running / jogging. Did not calculate either – might have came close to my goal though.
-4 weight training sessions. None
-2 workouts of anything with my boyfriend. None
-Bring lunches too school, no restaurant food AT ALL. WELLLLL, I had restaurant and only brought lunches like twice.
-Stay true to this budget based on 8 hour pay : This is also a fail. The local Zellers was shutting down so I decided to stock up on stuff, bought so much!
Food 25.75$
Gas 20.00$
Bills / savings 31.50
Gifts, miscellaneous, fun 25.75
Any other random income money will be put into savings and then budgeted to pay debt or other ‘big’ bills like my braces.
-Don’t miss a single day of school (excluding the first of march.) I missed 1 by accident – I had worked night shifts all weekend and come monday I couldn’t wake up.
-Get assignments done ASAP I can’t wait for the day that this will happen – but so far nope I get assignments done late or just on time.
-Do something good once a week (volunteer, donate, help someone out.) I donated blood.
-Get 2 more activities happening at my school before march 31st. Working on a second day of yoga.
-Have a dinner made twice a week for me and my boyfriend. Made dinner once in the whole month.
-Have 1 big dinner inviting about 10 people to my house. I am but not in March :/ April 1st 🙂
So there you go guys this is the march challenge. So out of 12 – I got non really, even though they’re are green they are still fails. AS in I did portions of them but not the full goal. I’m pretty disappointed in my self this month, my good streak went down and Everything is just a big fail. I even gained weight.  Lets hope April will be better goal wise. I think I also set to many goals in to many areas so for April I’ll only have 10 goals (2 of which I want to be fitness) Here is hoping that April will be better!