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The To-Do List.

Yea We all have one,

Where or not we get things done on it depends on how much we procrastinate and In my opinion how motivate we are in getting the list done.

Well here is my list (keeping in mind that I just got done work and am going back to work at 5:30)

Clean up– dishes

bath (read a couple pages of my book in bath)

Bank- Budget

Walmart (buy wool and see spark plugs price)




Contact Sarah ma friend and Dayle at Champlain to see about my course and last semester

Look and get gifts for Jessie and Trevor.


Two things on my list are already done (i have cleaned up a bit still have dishes to do though, and I am presently writing my blog.)

So I have 5 hours to finish he rest of my list woo.

What is on your list for the day ?


Winner encoure

Kay, i just don’t know what it is but I am good at monopoly. I win every time.

Me and my bf play with our friends and I have only lost once where I came in second.

So yea today once again we played monopoly and I won.

11 hotels, 4 trains and 905$


What’s your favorite board game ?



Hi 🙂

Kay so it is Hump day aka, Wednesday. Thus meaning the middle of the week. Thus meaning the middle of the rainbow. Thus meaning two days done, one in progress and two to go. Thus meaning, WOOOO.

Kay haha, actually fact is I have been working for 11 days including today. PHEW.

Let go lets go, I can do it too with can do 😉

And by Friday night I would have been working 13 days – two shifts a day (milking like that in the early am and at supper time) I can tell you one thing – after a certain amount of time the pain mulls away / my knee doesn’t hurt so much. (well kind of- maybe i am just putting on a tough act)


Hope everyone has a great HUMP DAYYYYYY 🙂




So yes, I have debt. And unlike some lucky people I lack immediate family help and not to blame immediate family for my debt – But to say I would have less debt if I wasn’t kicked out at 17. forced to fend on my own and of course with no job and no money the only thing you can do is get a credit card and look for a job.

Here are my Debts Presently

Credit Card 1: 3825.11 (paid in January 220$ towards this card) Also I just got a new interest rate of 11% because I made this massive sob story (I was paying like fucking 34% (they increase it if you miss payments) So anyways with the lower interest it will be easier to pay off in the long run.

Credit Card 2: 393.96 (paid 90$ towards this guy in January)

School loan: I think* 6220. 00 maybe less. Nothing has been paid to this yet.

and for the plus side

Savings: 480.09

Towards debt repayment : 310.00 

Yippy, I’m getting somewhere with my debt. My goal for February with all my car related payments is to again pay about 300$ towards my credit cards.


City Girl Gone Country

Yea I grew up in Montreal until I was 13 and then moved to the country which I completely detested and hated until like last year around my 21st Birthday.

The coincidence is weird and cool too, the first person I met when I moved down here was Jessie, I met her at a rodeo down the street from where I just moved when I was 13. Then after that day I never seen her until I started College I increasingly became closer to her and now we are best friends.

So this is important because she is my main influence and part of the reason I got the job at this farm, alongside my principle who recommended me. Anywho if it wasn’t for Jessie’s influence I would still be working in a factory.

The dairy farm I work at is owned by some of the nicest people around. Seriously. It’s great, The people are nice, the animals (when they cooperate) are nice, the job is my kind of job – I hate sitting or standing in one place jobs; I like movement. And it’s something that is available all around here and can be a gateway to other animal or farm related jobs.

So in  a nut shell I milk cows, and then sometimes clean up and stuff.

LOL Some of the funniest things happen at work – and something I expected but did not expect was getting shit on. LOL. I cried and then died and then was crying and laughing. It was so gross.

ALSO I’m a massive klutz so I always at least once a night fall into a gutter. Yep.

Hmm, Nothing quite else to tell you at the moment.

Leave a comment 🙂


Leave a Question 🙂



Take no offence but I’m referring to the USA.

Bien here is the facts:

1) I am Canadian, Quebecer to be exact.

2) I get my groceries and gas from ‘Merica

3) The border people be like … interrogating.

4) Walmart.

So today I went to the USA and got groceries and gas like I usually do.

When doing so I crossed the boarder twice.

AND EVERY TIME; miss “… where do you live” “Do you know anyone there” “Are you sure thats all you bought ?” “where do you work”

I understand the main questions of who are you and what do you do and where did you go. Kay. good.

But then they have to double check or triple check.

“Do you know anybody in the states?” nope “are you sure?” yes I sure ” So you don’t know anyone” I just said no.

*well I mean i know Obama, Britney spears….

But I guess as a privilege of going to the states you have to endure all the questionings.

Have you ever had problems crossing the boarder ?


Working on Homeostasis.


The balance within that’s going to be affecting the outside too.

So this new year I have been restoring balance on the outside of my life- debt repayment, saving, getting more work, working out everyday, doing more things I like, Getting plenty of sleep. But some of these “outside things”  affect my inner body – like being healthy, eating healthy, sleeping 8 hours a day, working out, skating.

I can’t say “I’m healthy” I mean some of you will argue with me, for the most part I am improving my heath (but I just ate a bowl of fro-yo sooo I can’t say just yet that I am healthy) Though I have been daily incorporating healthy juices into my diet – in my opinionmy efforts are  still minimal. I know that If I wanted too I could be eating healthy a good 90% of the time. But …

One thing I keep saying is a priority of mine is to be healthier – I mean though this is a lifestyle I already have; I am influenced by those around me – friends and my boyfriend especially. And I lack self-control. I JUST CANNOT NOT EAT CHOCOLATE IF IT IS OFFERED TO ME. And sadly I won’t say no. But see if that was just the case – it alongside others foods offered to me once in a blue moon I’d be all good. It’d be once in a while and controlled. But I live with my Boyfriend – and even though his parents don’t buy all of our food and I’d say 1/4th is healthy  (we buy our fruits and veggies for juicing) I just can’t say no to that fro-yo or that over processed bread or pasta or nuts. I mean I walk into the kitchen often – It’s where the exit of the house is.  And it is so easy just to grab and go.

Sure your thinking “portion control” nope I lack that too.

And I guess this post is about the struggle – maybe I’m weak, or discipline less. I just don’t know how.

Alongside this my boyfriend works at a resto so it is so easy to ask him to order something for me – and the second I ask I regret it, but then it is too late I can’t just waste the food. So I eat it.

I’m not blaming them- I’m completely blaming myself, I just wish there was a way to not want it. To look at it and go ‘meh’.

Does anyone have any ideas and such ?

Methods ?

Are you like this too ?

Peace, stay healthy.



Job search why you so hard.

Hey peoples,

So  a lot has happened lately;

  • I dropped out of school to work
  • Have a job milking cows (which I still hold to this very moment)
  • found a second job
  • wasn’t successful in the telemarketing category
  •  lost the second job

And now I’m back to the job search, I’ve applied to every notice on Kijiji. I have started out searching in places like Montreal (1 hr away) and Cornwall (also 1 hr away).

Results ? Nothing. NOTHING. *Head desk*

You know I would be okay with the nothing answer if I was not trying, but here is the thing I’m applying to places everyday no matter what in person, by email or phone.

I am a little discouraged but I’m not going to let it affect my outlook or give up. I’m just going to as Dory would say “Just keep swimming” or in this case Just keep applying.

September no/low Spend Challenge & Goals!!

September no/low Spend Challenge & Goals!!

Once again Carla is having a challenge and i love challenges.  Though i highly doubt that i’ll not spend some money this month especially with school stuff and what not i do have savings goals and debt repayment goals. So as long as I get near those goals a coffee once a while or going for a little drive with my car won’t bother me much.

-Get at least 20hrs a week.

-Save 3000$

-Pay off car balance and targo

-Pay 200 to school loan at least.

I would really like 20hrs a week at least but, with work laying off people i have a feeling I will get fewer hours too as well.

I paid up front 4 months of rent so it brought my 3000 savings down and ideally I would like to get it back up to 3k.

I have two unsolved recent balances that I need to pay soon, one was my car needed to be fixed and another an internet bill. They’ll be paid promptly.

My school loan which i didn’t pay at all this summer (don’t have too) i’d like to pay something towards it even if it is just 200$

Alongside these goals paying of my debt and saving are always my number one goal. I do however plan on buying a new vehicle before the end of the year so i’d be grateful if I could have 4k saved or more. The more the merrier.

Peace 🙂

Dads Day.


Something I don’t typically celebrate, more or less because I’m more of a mommies girl is fathers day, and more specifically holidays they’re so commercialized and all about money. But I’ve come to appreciate both of my parents (and by appreciate I mean I listen to their advice nod and say yes and then throw it in the back of my mind and forget about it, just like any other young person does).

So yea this year I got my mom and dad both gifts i guess you can say, not those lavish “jewelry, or BBQ” for mom and dads gift, but the ones that you would only realize by observations and listening to your parents complain, is that where I get my complain-y-ness from ?

So yea for my dad who does ridiculous travelling and stuff I got him a cell phone and while doing that I tweeted some of my observations, let me just point out how fucking hilarious they are …

“Bell person “Choose a number” me “the simplest one to remember” lol getting my dad a cell phone for #fathersday

“Getting my dad a flip phone cause he is old school like that.” (or just old, haha)

I thought I tweeted more than that … hmm. Well anyways if y’all wanna fallow me on twitter I’m @amberevesimpson (I know how original?)

So yea I got my dad a Samsung flip phone, that costed like 100 dough. Mhmm.

Anyways I’ve got a multitude of things to do such as: workout, shower, give my dad his gift, sleep, wake up, tan, maybe do dishes, then work.

Yee, how exciting.