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Monday Migraine

Well it is about that time that  feel like I should be done everything and heading to bed, but of course I am #1 at procrastinating and have yet to finish things, I always leave the bigger stuff for last which I should. 
I hope to get some things done today:
  1. Pay bills      Done 🙂
  2. Do methods homework Presently trying to work on it. Just found out I have more than what I thought I did. Awesome-sauce. *Sarcasm*
  3. Read more Shakespeare  It seems as if no matter how much I read I’m getting no wheres. I still have like 
  4. Crochet  I do this before bed no matter what so will get some done. 
  5. look for gifts  I have found a few gifts, I’m aiming for 1 big gift, 1 hand made and a couple smaller random things.
  6. Make some calls (Yoga instructor and a friends thinger- yes I mean thinger^) Arranged and done. 
  7. Clean my kitchen Did this at my lunch break, for now it is as good as it is going to get. 
  8. Farm ville 2, for only an hour max (No more than an hour!) I timed myself, it was 30 mins, I have Facebook open but am not playing it. 
  9. And train, some zumba fitness and maybe a jog. I did an hour of Zumba 🙂 super fun! I need to weight train tomorrow though, and I’m gonna be doing 2 hours of Zumba. 
  10.  Up load a blog about what I got done.  Well here it is 🙂


Have a good night guys!


^  Thinger Definition: It means a thing, but so much more than just a standard thing, it has meaning and a purpose therefore thinger can be applied.

Sunday night chit chat :)

Finally I’m feeling better. Over the week of never ending sickness I manage to watch the Hunger Games for a second time and this is where one of my most memorable (but not favorite quotes) comes from.
Hunger gamesReading:
A book for class that I actually enjoy, hence why I’m including it. Shakespeares Titus  Andronicus
Listening to:
94.7 something by Pit Bull, I think get lose ? Or something.
Just got done the Walking Dead and the Talking Dead (After show talk etc.) AMAZING, but terrifying and sad. I cried, yelled and fist pumped the air.
Nothing :s I never cook.
Happy you accomplished this week
I really did nothing this week I was so sick, I did get into Facebook games * I know lame! haha * Nothing really that I can remember.
I remember on Tuesday I had brainstormed an idea to have an open house for the local gym I volunteer for and it turned out to be a whole school open house! and we got 8 new people signed up. That I’m proud off, and getting a yoga fitness class going for my peers for a super cheap price 5$ I’m happy that these things worke out with out me there and that they turned out to be so successful.
Looking forward to next week
My friends birthday, a dinner party, more work hours,  and getting 5 workouts done including yoga and zumba.
Thankful for today
I’m thankful for two things, one being my uncles getting better, he can eat! I’m so grateful, and happy and am praying for them so much!
The second thing is I finally am n ot laid off anymore, after two weeks of no work or money I have hours and worked 10 of them today.
Bonus Question: Have you ever received a gift you were less than thrilled with? Did you feel like you had to keep/use it in order to spare feelings from getting hurt?
Hmm, not recently gifts come very little and when received I make good use of them even if it wasn’t something I typically like.  For your situation I recommend a deep breathe and write down the pro’s and con’s. If he is really that bad of a little guy then get rid eof him but if there are more pro’s well give him a chance.

New Years Eve


How to end the old year while almost touching the new year just hours away?  Well simply a Jurassic Park marathon with my Boyfriend and his new HUGE T.V.  I also have received the highest amount of views I have ever had on The Ups and Downs and all around of 20 with 421 views this month and the closes competitor was in March with 362. I feel like 2012 is ending on a good note, regardless of the fact that the last few weeks have been treacherous. But things are looking up and have been great even though today I had planned on writing a blog on my New Year’s resolutions but I’m saving those for tomorrow or basically tonight. I know that I will be up and will most likely wait till January 1st 2013 to post my new years resolutions blog ASAP in the wee hours of the night.

Now I’m off to celebrate New year’s at Baton Rouge with the love of my life.

I wish to all of my followers a happy new year full of health, prosperity and happiness. You all deserve the best!

Peace Xo,