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Once again a Facebook educed a post. Sometimes Facebook really get’s annoying and then people say ridiculous things and I just can’t help myself but reply back. This one is of a lesser seriousness issues when compared to say the language issues of Quebec; being the wildlife of Quebec, now if anyone who’s reading this knows me I’m kind of a wildlife tree huggers ? I guess you can say, well anyways that’s what my dad says I am. I’m not vegan and still eat meat and still believe in y’know farming for your needs and what not, but I don’t find it’s right to go killing off wild animals especially if they are endangered.
Now this comes from the thing of a few animals (dog and a horse) being attacked in my town and of course people talk and they think it’s a wild cat of some form, I think it might be the Coyotes I heard them a couple of nights ago getting all round-up and howling and stuff. But regardless of what the animal is some people are just ridiculous and say things without thinking twice such as ‘kill it’ and ‘I wonder who will be the first to shoot it’ and this happens ….
 “I mean they were here first, and on top of that they don’t have rational decision making ability like we do. It’s not like it thinking “hey, I want to kill someones sheep today.” they’re just satisfying a need of hunger which is in its nature. We can’t blame it for something that is completely normal and necessary for its survival. So unless it actually harms a human I don’t see why we should make the decision to kill it especially when relocating it is such a plausible idea and allows for 2 happy endings. As is we have ridden this world of so many animals some don’t even exist anymore because of our irrational behaviors. Moreover, I would be pretty pissed off to hear someone killed it. (And I’m done ;))” via me at 7 am in the morning being all witty and save the wildlifeness.

Whether it be this guy or the other 2 guys their are other options other than killing them off. Hello, relocation.

mountain lion

First off, one of the animals mentioned was a lynx, they are endangered and so help me god if it is one and some hillbilly does go and shoot him I’ll punch him out and please call the police because I don’t give a ****.  
Second off where do we have the right to rid of these animals they are only trying to survive. We don’t, there is one thing to survive and use them as a means as food and then there is killing for sport or for money. Not cool.
And then of course I have to analyze it in terms of  ‘if this was your situation’ : well I love my dog as if it was a child, I would be devastated if whatever it is was to chow down on her, but I’m a responsible dog owner and I don’t leave it out in the dark alone, since  most wildlife is nocturnal the chances of this happening are slim. But per say if something happen, I’m not going to run after it like a mad man with a shot-gun. I’m going to call the animal ward, I will also make sure it is relocated. And then sit and cry, cry so much like I’m watching Hachi. Such a touching movie.
I’m not completely sense less when  it comes to the point of our pets in jeopardy but if the owners made sure their pets were in then that could prevent such situations.
Lastly I do have a ‘draw line’ when ever what it is harms a human then that’s where something has to be done immediately.
Anyways guys,