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I keep saying to myself,

I’m just going to blog about all these good and sometimes (once in awhile) bad documentaries, But I Just haven’t gotten around to it.

And now due to procrastination I have watch so many that I would have to re watch them to be able to write about them.

But here is the catch, there is one documentary that I can’t stop thinking about and that I wish every single person in the world would watch!

It’s called : Earthlings   (I’ve linked that up so you guys can ALL  go watch it.

Out of every single documentary I watched this is the one, I recommend, and I won’t even talk about it here- I won’t give you a hint as to what it’s about. The title it’s self is good enough of a hint.

So if you read my blog, or follow me, watch this. it’s free already linked up for you, all it takes is a click of a button and about an hour and something of your time.

it has an affect on you.

What is something you have watch that has had an effect on you ?




Tuesday To-Do

Hi ya all 🙂

Go to Super C and buy 40$ of strawberries (that is 32 cartons)  DONE

Cash cheque and Budget   DONE



Take a nap

Clean and trim strawberries and freeze them

Blog   DONE!

Read a couple pages in my book

Plant my soy bean

So here is todays to do list 🙂

What do you have to get done today ?!?!?!




Eight Hundred and Four.

Views this month eh. 804.

Crazy happy / surprised/ excited. 🙂 I can’t believe I got that many- and so many new commenters too ❤

Also I have 103 followers on wordpress alone. A lot from this month 🙂

Along side this I’ve met a fellow vegetarian/vegan to be and a few great fitness blogs and a couple girls my age who share similar interests.

I just want to take an awe stuck moment to thank anyone and everyone who has stopped by my blog 🙂

And please return again



Oh so meaty.

Well I’ve been exploring and researching the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle.

And I am in the thinking stage/ proactive stage.

I’ve been limiting meats and eating limitless veggies and fruits.

But as I have said I’m still researching and thinking.

The changes I’ve made now ?

~Include more veggies and fruits in my diet

~ Stop eating red meat ( I still consume chicken and eggs.)

UH ~Green juices and smoothies

~ Kale, everyday :).

So until next time maybe I can update you all in a week or so with a new accomplishment 🙂

How are you being healthier ?

Peace 🙂



I’m not sure really what to talk about.

I’ve been watching a bunch of videos on a vegan lifestyles, more specifically “high carb, low fat”

Also known as the Rawtill4, or the fruitarian diet (which is 75% fruit and the rest is veggies and some starches)

I’m really interested in it.

The reason behind this is because I like to eat – i love to eat. And this diet lets me eat a bunch of healthy calories.

But I have yet to make the change, I have been tho including more fruits and veggies in my diet.

A few things I’m going to have trouble quitting : COFFEE, cereal, meat- red meat- filet mignon.

But. I want to be healthy, I want to live a long and healthy life.

So give up 3 things I love for  more longevity ?

For a better health ?

Well clearly it’s a yes.

I’m just not sure how to go about it.


Anyways whenever I feel more sure about my choices I’ll update y’all.

Have you ever made lifestyle changes that have lasted, if so how ?



Tired & OPP

Man I could go for a nap right now but I know I won’t fall asleep, I’ve gone almost all week without napping. OPP (old people problems, I know. And quiet frankly this whole post is going to be about my OPP’s and how I feel, or more specifically how I feel the pains in my body.)

Also I’m only 21. haha OPP’s eh ?

I’m always tired maybe it is because I get up at 5am or something but it sucks.

But I’m never tired enough to nap.

Also my body is always physically tired too, like sore knees and back, as well as my shoulders.

Back in “russet time” I would just down Advil like no other. As if it was candy. But I rarely take Advil now because I’m trying to improve my health by avoiding unnecessary things and Advil in my opinion aren’t that necessary.

I think for January I have only consumed two, and that was because I had the flu and a migraine that wouldn’t let me get out of bed – but I had to go work.

(another post to follow on how I am making changes to be healthier,  eco-friendlier and organic and about my job that I am thoroughly enjoy)

BUT I have noticed since I’ve been changing around my workout plan (including more leg workouts like Squats, sumo squats and lunges) my legs are stronger and therefore less sore, but it is overall still hard on my knees. Like the inner of my knee joint.

I tried researching different things I could do and all of them recommend knee pads but honestly there has to be other ways.  Some natural path remedies? oils ? Massages ?

Do you know of any ways that can help stop joint pain in the knee due to kneeling (work)?

My back hurts from the futon I’m sleeping on (Couch / bed) and my shoulder hurts from that too as well, also my sports bras – I only wear them to work and for working-out but I know they’re miss sized. It’s annoying as fuck, I need new ones, but my budget at the moment won’t permit it. So I have to stick it out fora little while longer and budget them in one day. 

But anyways I’m sticking out the aches and pains in order to be healthier and pill free and debt free 🙂

What changes / sacrifices have you made in order to be healthier ?

Does your budget not allow you to buy things at the moment ?

Are you consumed by your debt ?

Do you like your job ? What is your job ?



Take no offence but I’m referring to the USA.

Bien here is the facts:

1) I am Canadian, Quebecer to be exact.

2) I get my groceries and gas from ‘Merica

3) The border people be like … interrogating.

4) Walmart.

So today I went to the USA and got groceries and gas like I usually do.

When doing so I crossed the boarder twice.

AND EVERY TIME; miss “… where do you live” “Do you know anyone there” “Are you sure thats all you bought ?” “where do you work”

I understand the main questions of who are you and what do you do and where did you go. Kay. good.

But then they have to double check or triple check.

“Do you know anybody in the states?” nope “are you sure?” yes I sure ” So you don’t know anyone” I just said no.

*well I mean i know Obama, Britney spears….

But I guess as a privilege of going to the states you have to endure all the questionings.

Have you ever had problems crossing the boarder ?


The post of Questions followed by answers ?

As you begin this survey, what is the current date and time?

January 8th 2014, 2:29pm


How has your day been so far?

It’s been okay


How are you? Are you okay? I just thought I’d ask, because people don’t always bother to ask.

I’m okay, feel like shit about a mistake I made yesterday.


If you’re NOT okay, what’s wrong?

I wish I could turn back time and stop myself.


The last time you left your house, where did you go? Did you walk, or travel in a vehicle?

I don’t have a home L but yes the last time I left my Boyfriends house was around 11 to go get nmy hair cut he drove me there but I walked back home.


In your opinion, who is/was the coolest teacher at your school, and why?

…I’m not in school.


Are you wearing anything blue? What about purple?

Yes my shirt.


What tinned foods do you currently have in your cupboard?

Uh, pees, soup and I think Braviolli from what I remember.


Who was the last person you yelled at? Why?

I haven’t yelled lately lol


Do you know anyone named Graham?



Are you sitting next to anyone?



How many girls do you know named Alison?

I think I graduated with one but I’m not sure. lol


Do you dislike the last person you Facebook messaged?

Neh he’s annoying.


Who was the last person that sent you a Facebook friend request, and you ignored them? Why did you ignore them?

I mainly accept all so idk


Is there a certain person that you only have to think about, and you automatically smile?

Well no shit Sherlock- the one and only Daryl Dixon ❤


Do you dunk biscuits in your tea/coffee?

Yes sir


Who is your favorite person to have weird random conversations with?

LMFAO Jessie <3333 our Batman/ pizza nights.


Does it bother you when someone goes offline without saying “bye”?

Ain’t got a worry


Is there anyone in your group of friends that you don’t completely trust? If so, why do you feel that you can’t trust them? You don’t have to give names.

I trust all my close friends, the other ones well they are prolly just acquaintances.


When was the last time you used a computer in a public place?



5 random facts about the person you love/like.


I love his eyes, they’re so Blue

He has a thing for cars.

He will make me laugh beyond no end in order to get me to smile.

He is good at everything he does- lmfao I wish I had skills like those.
Do you prefer to do the asking out, or be asked out?

I have only asked one guy out …


Is there anything happening soon, that you’re NOT looking forward to?

Paying bills related to cars and such. And paying my debt.


Have you ever called a teacher mum/dad?

Aw fuck, yes it’s terrible.


Who’s the quietest of all your friends?

Do I have a quiet friend ?


What were you like as a 10 year old?

Goin with the flow and fat.


Who did you last say “I hate you” to? Did you mean it?

I didn’t mean it, sometime during a fight.


Do you own anything that is heart-shaped?

All my heart things are broken.


Have you forgiven the last person that broke your heart?


Are you home alone right now? If so, where are the people you live with?

I is. BoyFreeend is working on my car with his pops and his  mom is at work.


What colour was the last towel you used?



Are you planning on getting drunk anytime soon?

I pretty much well gave up on drinking.


How old were you when you got your first computer?

13 or something.


Are you a chocoholic?

Sadly my thighs say yes.


What kinds of music do your parents like to listen to? Do you share any of their taste in music at all?

Not really.


Did you ever have an imaginary friend as a child? What was his/her name?



 Is there a song that reminds you of the person you love/like? Do you listen to that song often?

Anything Breath Carolina and Bass like reminds me of him.


What’s the date and time now?


Job search why you so hard.

Hey peoples,

So  a lot has happened lately;

  • I dropped out of school to work
  • Have a job milking cows (which I still hold to this very moment)
  • found a second job
  • wasn’t successful in the telemarketing category
  •  lost the second job

And now I’m back to the job search, I’ve applied to every notice on Kijiji. I have started out searching in places like Montreal (1 hr away) and Cornwall (also 1 hr away).

Results ? Nothing. NOTHING. *Head desk*

You know I would be okay with the nothing answer if I was not trying, but here is the thing I’m applying to places everyday no matter what in person, by email or phone.

I am a little discouraged but I’m not going to let it affect my outlook or give up. I’m just going to as Dory would say “Just keep swimming” or in this case Just keep applying.