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Yea buddy

Hello peoples,
As some of you might know I had gained a sum of weight by the end of may 2013. And as some of you might know I’ve been working out and on a diet (the diet is just healthy food and timed eating – none of that starving myself crap). And yea basically I run every other night.

So you guys are probably wondering why I’m like “Yea buddy”  as my title, and that sir is because – I can officially and comfortably fit back into my jeans. YEA BUDDY. I mean there is pone thing to be able to SQEEZE back into your jeans but it is so completely different and wonderful if you can fit into them comfortably. I mean like, woo.

Bien any ways I just wanted to share my happiness with you 🙂 and a friendly word of motivation you might not see the results physically but eventually small things will show like your jeans getting lose and being able to fit into smaller clothes os go out there and run ! 🙂