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No Show.

Hey guys,

Sorry lately I’ve been a no show. Our internet has been not working lately. 

I want to blog, I just have no connection and of course for my blackberry there is no blogging app. 

Sad truth.

But a quick update

1) Went four wheeling this past weekend = awesome 🙂

2) I have awesome hair – black as usual with a magenta/purple strip-stripe-chunk ? On the right side of my head I got the idea from Liz at ….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3Yfu0vnB7w&feature=share&list=UUlBK2fr61T_WsZbEvFpFcCw

3) I’ve been jogging out side lately.

4) I got tones of cleaning done and homework done over the weekend. Dutchess smells pretty good for a puppy. 

5) Today was so warm out that I got my first tan in 🙂

Anyways, I don’t have long I have to run along and go home and work on some more homework.  I hope I’ll be able to post later this week. 

Peace 🙂

So Much Yet So little

I have so much to do and so little time, I have about 4 blogs I want to write up including my secret sister gift which I got yesterday 🙂

Here are some of the blogs –>

– Secret Sister blog

-How much is my face worth (make up wise)

-Sunday Night Chit Chat

-Factory girl #2 (an update)

– Advice on what to do with my income tax return

And here is some of the homework I have to get done —>

-I have so much research to be done for a school project.

-I have a proposal to write.

-Book 1 of V for Vendetta.

-And a English essay to write. 


I also have no time to do any, I’m working night shifts and sleep when I’m not working. 

It’s pretty sad.  I see this HUGE list and go just want to run.

Some of you reading this might think, of well if schools a priority then why work or vise-versa they are both priorities that need to be done, in order to go to school I need money to pay for it and other things. 

Plus I’m Procrastinating AGAIN.


Late Nights

At the present moment I’m being plagued with late-night-homework-syndrome and can’t decided if I should sleep for 3 hours or just finish my essay then sleep for how ever long I have left.

It’s really such a  bad habit I have, I’m always late or leave things to the last minute and hopefully in march I’ll get my stuff together and stop procrastinating, or try to at least. I really do wnat to change my ways sooner rather than later because honestly I’m getting to old for  this.

Anyways Im out.


Got To Keep Myself Busy

So since I can’t do much due to my hand, meaning I can’t work and usually I do 30+ hours a week, so now I want to put my time usefully in other areas of my life.  Thus being school work. I have just under 10 days left, and a lot of improving on my economics mark, I’m ALMOST passing just a tad off. So I’d like to improve by at least 10% and getting a 20%  increase would be amazing though I can guarantee that that’s not going to happen. Most of these goals are more directed for this upcoming weekend. And the weekend goals are all school related, and kind more of a to do list.

Some other goals are:

  • Learn a lot about Gandhi and his way’s and political related ways and write a killer 95%+ paper.

  • Complete my Essay for Geo, Humanities and English this weekend.

  • Get answers from Josee about extra courses (Yes, more.)

Next Week

  • Figure out a game plan for my 3 weeks off (paid), and 2 weeks off (no pay), Maybe a second job?

  • Get another 90% in another class, three would be great but that’s pushing my luck ):

  • Do some hard core catching up on my working-out, had a week off. THE WORST WEEK EVER. (I’m starting to get feeling back in the majority of my hand which is good, except the fact that I’m not wearing my cast :s and my fractured finger is one sickly looking finger :s)

  • Super clean, with my hand I can’t broom or do any major house cleaning so the Boyfriend has been doing it all. When never I get the ‘ok’ to start using my hand again I want to do a major cleaning.

So besides all of the above try to be optimistic.

Even though I can’t play Xbox and Resident Evil 6.

EVEN though I can’t wear my contacts or make up.

EVEEEEN though I can’t workout.

Yep, optimism.

I’m working on it.