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Look Into My EYES.

Alrighty, That was pretty Dramatic.

So today I will be writing a short post about my contacts. First off they were 30$ roughly, colored and prescription. Great steal. Right? And not like the kinds you usually get that last 2 weeks (a pack of 6 pairs for 100$) form your eye specialist.  These last a year, Knowing me; we can say at least 6 months. I always end up losing them or running out of solution and they dry up. You know, something happens. But overall they are a great package, and arrived in 4 days time! 

Secondly the responses I get rang from “Holy crap, those are awesome!” To  “I can’t look you in the eye it’s weird.”  My Boyfriend was the first to see them, I had one in and one out and he was like “That’s fucking weird.” Mind my language of course :] Besides that I have more good responses then bad. Do I plan on wearing them forever? Not really they were a temporary thing, they were only supposed to be for Halloween  but then 2 things had came up. Thing #1 I ended up working on both the Halloween weekend party and Halloween day, woo.  Thing #2  My glasses are completely ruined I can’t see out of them, so I only use them for work now, my poor D&G’s 😦 And I can’t afford to re-do the lens part it’d be about 200$ right now that  don’t have outside of my budget.  So it turns out I’m going to have to use them for a bit probably until Christmas, I’m not at all sad , I think they’re super awesome.

Lemme know what you think, Here is a picture :] And there will be a link to my Tumblr which has more ‘up close’ pictures of them, down below.


 Lastly the name brand I purchased was Honey~Color, In Neo Bambi Grey. Here’s the link! http://www.honeycolor.com/geo-bambi-sesame-gray.html

And this is my Tumblr :] http://www.amberbubblybabe.tumblr.com

You can also follow me on Twitter, I’m obsessed so you should be entertained often, May I also add in how I do all-nighters often? And get a little Cray~Cray @AmberEveSimpson

Factory girl.

So I work in a factory part-time while doing my college studies. And I know when women first started in the work force that’s what they were doing, factory work. But as a 20-year-old during college I expect more, I expect to be working a less crappy job; sure it pays more than minimum wage but honestly, It SUCKS.

I would rather work with the public or a more girly job, that I have to put efforts into looking good and being pretty. When working in a factory it is discouraging, no windows, sexist co-workers, favoritism, and just plainly it sucks. You often get sore from long hours, 12 to be exact. It is so long and painful and depressing. Good thing is that was Saturday and Sunday, and now we are Tuesday. Lovely that means there are three days left to enjoy the light, my boyfriend, my puppy and family. Then I go back.

So I have 5 current obsessions, 2 being girly, 2 being … guy-ish? And 1 being random!

1) Maybelline, New York – BABY LIPS lip gloss with color tint in pink punch. It screams cuteeee 🙂 That is why I specifically bought it, give it a try!

2) Maybelline, New York Master Precise, by eye studio in black. If you have seen any pictures of Lauren Conrad she has that classic black liquid eye liner that roles of her lids and into a point. I can master this with this amazing liquid eye liner.  Perfect for anyone who wants their eyes to pop!

The liner that rolls of your lids :)

3) Resident Evil 5, yes I know! It isn’t even out yet; I’m going crazy I can’t wait!

4) The Walking Dead series, that plays on AMC. As you have probably notice I’m having my yearly zombie obsession. I know I’m out of que with the rest of the world because they celebrate this or are obsessed with this during Halloween, but I’m a wee bit different. Yep best series ever and I’ll like to thank Netflix for this obsession.

5) Twitter, I know who isn’t right? But it is like checking my make up everyday. I have to check it and then tweet. It is to the point my Boyfriend wants to block it, but then the results of that action will lead to a very unhappy life… So he is being smart about it and not saying a thing. Remember everyone happy wife happy life 🙂 Not that I’m married, But we have been together for almost 1 year and 10 months. ❤