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Hello viewers, readers, bloggers, fans and friends.

(For some odd reason I liked how that sounded – very va va voom)

Fact: That was a lot of v’s. haha

I’d just like to say thanks for stopping by, reading, commenting, and liking my posts. ¬†And that I will be posting a bunch more in February too as well.

At this moment I have 505 views and every single one of them I am great full for. ¬†Because If I wasn’t getting views I would not be posting, and if I’m not posting I’m not getting any views and it is this vicious cycle of terribleness. Well not quit so, I’d probably be reading a book or crocheting. YES i’m a 21 year old (soon to be 22) that crochets, leave me alone haha. It’s fun kay !

So anyways this very in depth and elaborate post is simply just to say thank you and see you in February hopefully. (and that I am a secret crochet addictive young lady)

And feel free to comment, or like or share my posts I’d appreciate it!