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City Girl Gone Country

Yea I grew up in Montreal until I was 13 and then moved to the country which I completely detested and hated until like last year around my 21st Birthday.

The coincidence is weird and cool too, the first person I met when I moved down here was Jessie, I met her at a rodeo down the street from where I just moved when I was 13. Then after that day I never seen her until I started College I increasingly became closer to her and now we are best friends.

So this is important because she is my main influence and part of the reason I got the job at this farm, alongside my principle who recommended me. Anywho if it wasn’t for Jessie’s influence I would still be working in a factory.

The dairy farm I work at is owned by some of the nicest people around. Seriously. It’s great, The people are nice, the animals (when they cooperate) are nice, the job is my kind of job – I hate sitting or standing in one place jobs; I like movement. And it’s something that is available all around here and can be a gateway to other animal or farm related jobs.

So in  a nut shell I milk cows, and then sometimes clean up and stuff.

LOL Some of the funniest things happen at work – and something I expected but did not expect was getting shit on. LOL. I cried and then died and then was crying and laughing. It was so gross.

ALSO I’m a massive klutz so I always at least once a night fall into a gutter. Yep.

Hmm, Nothing quite else to tell you at the moment.

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Factory Girl #2

Hey Darlings :]
As some of you know I’m a 21 year old college student whom has to work for a living in order to provide for myself. Last year I got¬† a student loan but that in my opinion was the worst choice ever. So this year I did¬†not¬†get a¬†school¬†loan which means I have to work so much more. Which is reflecting on¬†my school grades of course. At the moment it’s easier to do¬†night¬†shifts because I can get 32 hours whereas if I did day shift I could only get 20 hours. Basically I get one more shift.
It’s still¬†relatively¬†depressing and I’m feeling the effects more and more, the long shifts are not getting any¬†easier¬†on my body. I’m left¬†tired¬†for days on end and my inner¬†timer¬†is off for a couple of days. I have a ‘bad hand’ now ever since I got it crushed and broke my finger. I also can’t wear any of my rings on that hand now because my¬†knuckles¬†are just slightly bigger. The night shifts cause me to gain¬†weight¬†because shift work is¬†really¬†stressful on your body. ¬†The job in its self is just the worst. But living in a rural area you kind of have to do what you can do¬†in order to get money. C’est la vie.
(Or go on welfare- and that’s not an option for me.)
Recently there was a job¬†opportunity¬†within my company that I really want to do but due to my school¬†scheduled¬†I can’t do it. And it would have been something new and better than peeling potatoes for 12 hours. It was baking new inventions, and I love doing new things. But sadly I won’t be able to work in the new section. It’s going on three¬†years¬†this summer that I have been working at that company. Three years. What a commitment.¬†
Basically if you read my first Factory Girl blog everything is the same in terms of work space and it somewhat being depressing. I can hope that they don’t shut down and that they provide me with a job until I start University.¬† I don’t plan on quitting anytime soon, after this long I can¬†keep¬†going.
Well How long have you had your current job ?
Have you ever worked at a factory ?
Peace ūüôā