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Monday Madness

On a serious note this blog is going to be a series of questions. Feel free to answer them if you feel like you can. I would add textual back ground to this post but honestly I don’t feel like it.
When do you give up trying to help someone?
Do you keep trying?
Does it make a difference if they are close to your heart?
What can you do when all do is try and they refuse to accept your assistance.
Would you walk away?
Do you go back and try again?
I dunno the purpose of this post but from what you probably have grasp is that this post is about someone important to me and they absolutely refuse help but always ask for it. From my knowledge they are in denial and refuse to neither help themselves nor accept help. It’s pretty tragic, but I guess that’s life.
I guess I’ll keep trying, tis all you can do.
Now I’ll resume some black ops.

Sunday Night Chit Chat

My favorite photo is of my Majestic puppy enjoying the snow. It was taken a few weeks ago but is timeless and I’m just in love with it. She’s looks at home in the snow. 


My favorite quote was from an Artist named Lights “When I accomplish something I’m proud of, that’s when I look in the mirror and feel pretty. Do your thing, your beauty grows into you.”

What are you…

  • Reading: Just got done 50 Shades of Grey (Yesterday) and will be posting a blog about my review next week of the trilogy. I will be starting Lauren Conrads book L.A. Candy promptly. 

  • Watching: I actually don’t have cable nor satalite. So I’m changing this to ‘gaming’. This would be Black ops. I’m waiting for The Walking Dead to come back on air then I’ll be glued to my Boyfriends T.V. Every Sunday. 

  • Listening to: Gun shots, my boyfriend is playing black ops 2 – But am craving Dubstep.  

  • Baking/Cooking: Garlic Bread for a girlie get together with a group of school friends tomorrow.

  • Happy you accomplished this week: Haven’t spent a penny in my no/low spend challenge. And all of the blogging I have been doing lately. 

  • Looking forward to next week: Tones of work hours and getting my hair done and my friend Jessie’s dinner. Can not wait much longer !

  • What is the minimum # you feel comfortable with sitting in your bank account/piggy bank? 500$ would be nice because I would stress less about payments and starting a new school term though I am far from that. But I am planning on working tones of hours this week in order to meet my ‘before school’ goal. 

Current Situation

Call of duty black ops 2 is the second game I’m currently into (The first being Resident Evil 6). As you can see by my twitter.  A few minutes ago (it is 1 am and I am at my boyfriends parents house) I did a human interpretation of a Bouncing Betty. Yess. It was completely awesome. I’m very hyper. I think I woke up his parents. Shit. Well back to playing more games.

Peanut butter Jelly time 🙂

I’m hyper. Very hyper. It’s a sad sad thing to witness.

Paint ball


Honestly I wished I was better at paintball like I am in the game maybe I would have gotten someone with a paint ball. But this was from the fall and was the first experience I had with acting quick and shooting just as quick.  It as fun I would do it again though it did also hurt. A lot. Games are much less hands on and a lot less serious.


My New Year So Far

How have I been spending 2013? Playing black ops 2 with my Boyfriend and basically enjoying my vacation. But all too soon this will be coming to an end since my company is opening back up tomorrow, so  enabling me to work tones of hours to pay for general bills *woohoo*

On the not so familiar side nothing has gone as planned at all! Since New Year’s Eve, which it itself was a mini disaster, not a single thing that me and my boyfriend had planned happened and it was because of stupid small mishaps (Like forgetting someone’s wallet *Ahem not me*) And then from there on out nothing has gone as planned to the point I have stopped planning for the last 2 days. Try to get up early; sleep in till noon. Try to declutter; get side tracked and start of course playing games.

I feel like I’m taking my vacation way too easy I should be working hard and whatnot but as much as I try it just doesn’t happen. I hope I can get hours tomorrow that will for sure kick my ass back into gear again.


How has your holiday been going?

New years off to a good start? 


Peace, xo.

This is the end

This is what I posted on my tumblr the night of my work accident. My tumblr blog is



I feel like my life is ruined. I’m in so much pain. fractured my ring finger and the rest of my hand was severely crushed… I can’t do anything alone. the DR. didn’t perscribe pain killers. I just want to sit in a ball crying, hey wait … that’s what I have been doing … how am I supposed to do homework? put on make up? get dressed? drive my car? and work? I’m so poor I  can barely afford food and now this? I’m having a serious panic attack. I know it could have been worse, I could have lost my fingers. But this alone is enough to discourage anyone.

and I just want to bawl…

mind my spelling mistakes #NotALefty


Lefty and rightyhalf cast


Essentially my glove got caught and pulled my hand in which then got crushed by sprocket

Definition of sprocket:

      1. Each of several projections on the rim of a wheel that engage with the links of a chain or with holes in film, tape, or paper.

      2. A wheel with teeth.

Then the chain continued to well crush my hand. my first reaction was to pull my hand but I couldn’t and after about 10 second (the longest most painful seconds of my life) I remembered the emergency stop button. I got my hand out which at this time was completely numb out and the supervisor sat me down in the office. Then called the ambulance (company rules.) I was fiercely shaking and kind of hysterical, couldn’t feel anything and was bleeding everywheres – kinda had the  right to freak out. The doctor at first said your hand just suffered trauma and I was like “Bitch no, there’s something wrong with my ring finger, all I feel is a fucking grinding ass pain, there is somethings wrong.” (said in a more polite tone of course 🙂 ) and then it turns out it was fractured in the knuckle area, however that works out… Overall the most painfullest experience of my life. My two car accidents put together wasn’t even this bad and I had whip-lash with deep cuts.

I after a day, I have figured out that I can in fact wash my own hair (in a bath tub). Play monopoly very good in fact. And need at least 4 pain killers every 4-6 hours.  I can type very slowly with my left hand. I can close a car door. I can eat certain things like crackers. but something like apple sauce or cereal is very hard to do, I can’t hold the bowl in one place and have a hard time controlling my left hand while directing the spoon. According to my boyfriend this is hilarious.

I can’t do a lot of things that really frustrate me and from there just make me sad or mad or both and then usually cry in defeat. but I’ve gotten over this pretty much. I just avoid things that I know I can’t do. But its all very very discouraging. So my strategy is to avoid such things because I know they’ll just make everything so much more worst.

My boyfriend has been the best, he is super helpfull and deals with all of my bitching, complaining, anger issues and sadnesss and for the most part is still incouraging and helpfull 🙂 going to get all mouchy here but I ❤ him :]

I’ll update my blog as much as possible but I have no idea when, with 12 days of school left, this hand and frequent panic attacks I can’t for sure tell you how many blogs I will write. 


Who Needs Sleep Anyways?

Hello friendly neighborhood spidermans and lady’s 🙂 

So For the longest time I couldn’t sleep and that was partly because of working night shifts while going to school and being overly stressed.  So After an unsuccessful  doctors visit, I decided that a few things had to change and one of them being my sleeping habits. Because honestly 2-4 hours a night wasn’t working out for me.

I forced myself to get to bed before 11pm every night and would get up between 6-7am with the aid of sleeping pills. After a week I stopped using them. At first without them it was hard to get to bed but I still tried usually doing yoga helped or reading.

And since then everything has been good, I’ve been sleeping 8 hours a night and now for the first time in 3 weeks I have to work a night shift. I feel like this night shift is going to ruin everything I’ve worked hard to change, But I need the money.  I’m not only working this weekend but next weekend too as well I’ll be working night shifts; about 4.

I really hope I can get back on track with my sleep cycle, It feels good waking up refreshed and ready to do things. Now I feel like I’m throwing it all away 😦 But this can just be the pessimistic side of me kicking in and I’m worrying for nothing.

Oh and aiding my none-sleepness (I tend to make up words- no harm; Shakespeare did it too!) I have this  amazing video game and a new addiction. I personally will take the credit for inventing XboxVideoGamingAddictionInAssociationWithResidentEvil6,  I have been plagued with this addiction.*


*Disclaimer: I am a newbie so something that will take most video gamers 1-2 tries takes me usually 3-7, and yes I’ll admit that

 1) It’s embarrassing

2) It’s hilarious.

3) My dog is the best Video game partner ever!





                So I have a tone of blogs I want to write but just no time! So this weekend I’ll attempt to post as many as I can! There’s my puppy who is no longer a puppy’s birthday and a few changes I’ve made that I’d like to blog about.  Regardless of the fact that I’m working night shifts and have to finish writing 2 essay’s, a literary response , put together an oral, study for a Shakespeare test and study for a Geography exam I’ll still try to post 3 blogs this weekend.

                On a good note I’m actually liking Geography, My average jumped 30% and I’m sure with the last presentation I just had It’ll go up at least 15 more %.  On  a less Woohoo note, I hate economics and even though our teacher is super nice he can’t teach economics. We had our test last Friday and all Thursday I had to teach myself 4 chapters, it was long and tedious but I do believe so worth it.  I also learned that economics is just common sense, and for me to understand it I just have to use everyday examples and I wish the teacher could have said this (it would have been so much more easier). But instead he rather stick to text book methodology.

                Overall I’m kicking this semester in the ass, with mostly A+ and some B’s and  1 D.  (Ahem ! one direction, lol.) And Besides my financial situation which forces me to work at least 3o hours a week, but to be financially happy 50 hours a week, I’ve been doing pretty good. I of course have had some help from family and my Boyfriend’s family helps us too as well, but I’ll blog more about this in another post some soon.

                And lastly My volunteer work has been pretty stand still, I’ve only been volunteering for 1 organisation this semester. Even though I much rather be volunteering for more than one, but I simply just don’t have the time. Which really does bother me, but I do plan on running a food drive this semester like last year for our local food bank 🙂 Last year we received over 200 items an this year since we have almost double the amount of students I’d like to double our goal. (our,as in the school’s goal :))


And just to add in, I have no idea how I am going to get anything done anytime soon with the new purchase of Resident Evil 6, which I love and am going to go play after I post this 🙂