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Going to be a New York Best Seller? Bien oui.

So I was sitting there and thinking to myself about how amazing my dog is and then she tips over her bowl of water and then I’m like seriously? Are you that stupid? This usually happens daily but with different situations. But overall no matter how stupid she is it comes off as funny, like my own funny T.V show in my house (that usually ends up with me picking up a mess of some sort *sigh*)

Dutchess is my first dog, of course I’ve had dogs all my life but I have never had one that’s been mine and living on my own, well I’m actually living with Trevor my Boyfriend. But this goes for him as well.

So I was thinking of writing a book mixed of truth and humor. Having Dutchess has been a great experience and right now she is only 7months old and there will be more to come obviously (and this book will take a long time to write as well.) But I just want to share my experiences of having a pure bread Husky, and trust me all those warnings out there – don’t ignore them, they are there for a reason. Dutchess is hyper, rowdy, annoying, sneaky (as in don’t pore your bowl of cereal and milk and turn around it won’t be there anymore), but on the good side she’s affectionate, friendly, A good workout if she happens to escape. And on the absolute horrible side … She howls, omg I can’t even begin to explain how annoying it is, and it’s not like big dog bark or howl no she sounds like a crying Chihuahua. Ugh. But for every good thing there has to be an extremely annoying bad thing.

And the nervous, my dog got stung by a bee and had a reaction, above her eye (forehead area)  was the size of a golf ball, and of course since it was a holiday weekend and Saturday, most Vets were closed. But one of my friends told me about baby aspirin and it saved her! (Even though she wasn’t dying) But I was freaking out I had no idea what to do and no vets would help me. But overall she’s great, thank god.

So if I was to start my book it would be about all experiences involving her, including the awkward… yea, really awkward. (To find out you’ll have to purchase my book debuting 2015.) I’ve even have set a goal 3 years of experiences to choose from. (If you don’t believe in the 2012 everyone is going to die thing, I know that I don’t.) And the way I’m approaching this book is through, well basically a note pad, I plan on writing down whatever seems to happen that seems possibly interesting. I also plan on including general information in the beginning of the book, like how I have to brush her 6 times a day during shedding season, and 1 a day in not shedding season.I might also include some friend’s experiences with dogs and maybe a picture of them and their dog.  

I have a ton of ideas and this must be a good thing because I have options as well if one thing doesn’t work out then I’ll just go over to the next one.



Does anyone know anything about writing books? Any tips?

Any funny dog experiences? “Awkward ones?”