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Long Time No Blog

 So I have a few things to update about. But before that I’ll explain my reasons for not bloging 1) I’m swarmed with assignments and end of term exams and working. 2) I’m living in my house again. Woot. I love having my own place again. But I have no internet so I can’t post any blogs.


So that’s just a small update. Have I mentioned that I like school? I’m now going to attend summer school because I want to, not because I have too. I know that I’m going to be losing out on money. About a month’s worth, Which is pretty much 1600$ gone. And then we have to calculate my book 90$ and then my course 115$ plus my Fitness course is a 1000$. Hmm. So roughly 1205$ I’m spending while I only have about 24 hours a week of work. This is killing me. And I hope I get more hours at work or a new job, I have one in mind that I’ve been looking at for over a year now. Hopefully I’ll get it.

I’ve also started soccer, which is turning out to be expensive too. Have to buy soccer equipment and everything. At the moment I’m borrowing cleats but eventually I’d like a nice pink pair. Another thing about soccer I have no control over the ball which of course I’m working on because well I have to I have a game on the 27th of May, that I have to be prepared for, when really I’m not. But I’m getting in shape 🙂 That’s what counts right?

A little doggie update- Dutchess Is huge now. Well not really but the scale can argue that, she’s a good 35lb’s and when we first got her she was 15lbs. So there’s the proof. She is so adorable. I just recently uploaded a video of her on a play date with Hunter and Snowby you can find the video under my YouTube name: AmberEveSimpson. It’s the cutest thing ever.

For now this is all I’m going to blog about though in the next few weeks I hope to post blogs under these topics : Workout program, soccer and stuff, summer trends I’m obsessed with, school update and maybe a gardening blog – not that I garden yet, but I plan on starting.