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eos A Product Review.

Eos is a fantastic brand of moisturizing products, most known for their lip balms that look like little colorful eggs. 
There’s a number of things that I am in love with about this product, first off it tastes the way it smells. Yea I know lip balm isn’t meant to be indulge but it just so happens if you lick your lips it does really taste like berries. 
Secondly its animal testing free, yep says it on the label and that’s fantastic in my opinion. I don’t usually purchase products based on whether or not they do animal testing, but I’m becoming more aware of products that do or do not, especially if a competitor with a better product doesn’t test on animals. In my opinion this is a huge win.
You can really feel the moisturizer  for a while I was using Baby lips but then it just didn’t do much. It felt gritty sometimes or I would still have chapped lips. But this you can feel it, lasts me a good few hours of softness. Even the boy approves of my super soft lips 😉
Lastly it has so many other great things about it ; its organic, gluten-free, all natural, paraben free, petrolatum free and phthalate free. Which makes it a great thing in such a small package. Also, I highly recommend this as a gift for your girls. Especially if they tend to be allergic to gluten or are pro-animal rights this is a really cute and useful gift at a insanely cheap price. (Not saying that you should cheap out on your mom or anything, it’s just a cute idea 😉 )
You can find these products at a local drugstore, in Huntingdon Uniprix sells them (They’re on sale this week, haha) They don’t go for more than 4$. Also there are other products like body lotion and shaving cream. 
I definitely recommend this product!