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Got To Keep Myself Busy

So since I can’t do much due to my hand, meaning I can’t work and usually I do 30+ hours a week, so now I want to put my time usefully in other areas of my life.¬† Thus being school work. I have just under 10 days left, and a lot of improving on my economics mark, I’m ALMOST passing just a tad off. So I’d like to improve by at least 10% and getting a 20% ¬†increase would be amazing though I can guarantee that that’s not going to happen. Most of these goals are more directed for this upcoming weekend. And the weekend goals are all school related, and kind more of a to do list.

Some other goals are:

  • Learn a lot about Gandhi and his way’s and political related ways and write a killer 95%+ paper.

  • Complete my Essay for Geo, Humanities and English this weekend.

  • Get answers from Josee about extra courses (Yes, more.)

Next Week

  • Figure out a game plan for my 3 weeks off (paid), and 2 weeks off (no pay), Maybe a second job?

  • Get another 90% in another class, three would be great but that’s pushing my luck ):

  • Do some hard core catching up on my working-out, had a week off. THE WORST WEEK EVER. (I’m starting to get feeling back in the majority of my hand which is good, except the fact that I’m not wearing my cast :s and my fractured finger is one sickly looking finger :s)

  • Super clean, with my hand I can’t broom or do any major house cleaning so the Boyfriend has been doing it all. When never I get the ‘ok’ to start using my hand again I want to do a major cleaning.

So besides all of the above try to be optimistic.

Even though I can’t play Xbox and Resident Evil 6.

EVEN though I can’t wear my contacts or make up.

EVEEEEN though I can’t workout.

Yep, optimism.

I’m working on it.