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Work ~ Play ~ Work again.

Hello pretty faces once again ūüôā
So I haven’t blog for the last two days and it feels like weeks but I’ve been nonstop busy or exhausted (A lot of exhausted ~ haven’t even play video games ūüė¶
My friend Jessie had her dinner party and it was just splendid. I brought Garlic bread which everyone ate up and can you guess what the main meal was ?!?¬†Spaghetti¬†ūüôā
It was great, the sauce was magnificent and Emma one of¬†Jessie’s¬†good friend brought a unique¬†salad¬†which was as well good. AND don’t get me started on the¬†dessert¬† YUM.
Overall I loved it and wish it could happen more than once a week *Nudge, nudge :)*
¬†I made 2 new friends one being human and one being a super cute cow – cowwy – baby cow ?! Anywho her name is Jingles ūüôā and she was born on Christmas.
And me being me, ¬†I found myself multiple times being dumbfounded, such as “Is this real milk, like cows milk.” Of course all milk is cows milk except for soy milk. But I just can’t get over how dumb that was of me, and it’s not like I didn’t know what milk is. What I think I meant was “Is this all natural milk straight from the cows tit ?” But of course me bring¬†socially¬†awkward and dyslexic and *Everything* you¬†can¬†name in the books; made me say the other thing.¬†Embarrassing. I hate being awkward. Hate.¬†
I was so happy to see everyone it really let off stress of work, but I did regret going to bed super late considering I’m¬†having¬†such a hard time keeping my eyes open right now and trying to type. ¬†But overall I loved it, I wish I could have a party though nobody would be able to fit in my small house.
I find work¬†is¬†starting to get difficult,¬†because¬†I haven’t peeled a¬†potato¬†in over a month and of course when I can work I over work myself. (Not good but I will never learn, like this past summer.) My finger is swollen and my feet hurt and SOO MUCH OLD LADY PAINS. This is only my third day in a row, and I wanted to do 5! I can do it,¬†Kinda-sorta. I just want to make sure I have enough money to start school. ¬†I feel like this is the only time I can push myself before the limits of full time CEGEP student kick in.¬†
Peace. *Hunched over while walking away from the computer going oweee*