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GMV: Fad Diet?

So Becoming vegetarian / vegan/ organic /GMO free or anything that can ultimately better your health is being label as a “fad diet” via people on the internet, or certain persons I’ve talked to have said “fad diet” in the same sentence as Veg/ organic/ GMO free.

Let me take a moment of my day to define a “fad diet” Using my ever so trusty Google page definitions :

–>A fad diet is a weight loss plan or aid that promises dramatic results. These diets typically don’t result in long-term weight loss and they are usually not very healthy. In fact, some of these diets can actually be dangerous to your health.

Hmm, I think those whom say that the above mentions is a fad diet are wrong, yep wrong and more or less ignorant. Because how is consuming mainly organic food a means of “extreme weight loss” or even GMO free. How is becoming vegetarian a diet that “promises dramatic results”, when I choose to become a vegetarian the only thing dramatic it promised me is that I would be saving animals lives and not eating carcasses any more. Lastly how is consuming pure natural foods from the earth closest to their natural state “dangerous to [my] heath”¬†

I don’t know about you but I can tell you my reasoning to becoming Veterinarian/ vegan ¬†are not of anything of a “fad diet” that’s for sure and if more and more people are doing it then the better! I personally choose this lifestyle (not fad diet) because it promotes health and longevity while being aware and conscious, I choose to eat a sustainable diet that doesn’t involve mass murder.

I’m sure ya’ll have opinions so lay them down in the comments! ūüôā



Forks over Knives

Is such a  great documentary,

but then again every documentary I watch is a good one haha.

This one relates to my ideology about meat & other animal products. Which are they are actually not that good for you, the calcium in milk which is “told to us day in and out” that it is good for us – but actually it leaches the calcium out of your bones. The cholesterol in all animal products can be deadly long term.

Another thing animal products are carcinogens which can lead and promote cancer growths.

And finally, every time you eat meat, bird, fish or a mammal you are killing, or supporting mass murder. ¬† (hardcore tree huger sorry bros) ¬†I’m not saying ” I hate you” or “we cant be friends” or “you are stupid” but what I am saying is this : Can you yourself go up to a cow Cut it’s throat open and drain it’s blood, then proceed to gut it and butcher it, then finally sit down and cook yourself a nice old steak ? I know I like steak – but personally I could never do those actions so WHY SHOULD I pay someone else to do it for me. ¬†Since I feel like I cannot kill and will not kill – I personally believe that I shouldn’t pay someone to do it for me.

* This is just my personal thoughts and what I believe in, and I am not telling you my readers that this is the only way, I’m just stating my opinion on my way of life, do not what so ever be offended, and I would love to welcome your POSITIVE comments at the end of this post ‚̧

Anyways I’m not an expert and I’m not saying I know everything, But I’m’ saying I’ve been doing research and plan on taking a nutrient course soon. (There goes 1000$) ¬†So that I can finally preach and say things being backed up by a paper.

Do you ever know things but people never believe because you lack a professional paper ?


Also my supper yummy soup recipe to come ‚̧



This post isn’t about me, it’s about a friend ;sadly one of her relatives had passed away and it is also about¬†my uncle whom has slightly recovered. I have never met her uncle, but their was a strong connection between them. I wish I had got to meet him, I’m most likely¬†going to go to the ceremony¬†to show respect. Overall it is a pretty sad event.
It was a coincidence¬†though, as her uncle was coming to his last few days, mine was extremely¬†sick and might have died within a week if he hadn’t gotten¬†better. But greatfully¬†my uncle got better and now presently is at home, in bed. But her uncle sadly pass away, though he is not suffering¬†anymore and has gone to a peaceful place, his family is in pain.
The main objective of this post was to show respect, but also bring forth how grateful¬†I¬†am of my uncle’s health returning but how sad I am for my friend whom lost her’s.
May he rest in peace.


Firstly, Pipe the fuck down and for those of you’s whom want to know where I got this from visit¬†http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EldZB85l6bU
I love all natural things, like water, cause without it of course I couldn’t wash my hair, stay hydrated, I dunno give my dog water,¬†kayak, skate and all other sorts of stuff.
But for some god damn not normal reason *Global warming* everything melted today, in the middle of January, in¬†Canada. And river road *Hint hint*¬†Flooded¬†and the town hadn’t put signs up so here I am like *La di da, la di da, HOLY MOTHER F^CK, shit. Christ* and of course I stall. For those of you’s currently lost in translation, my car stalled in the road turned river with a current¬†and slabs of ice floating onto the other side, and I am dead center in a curve and couldn’t see the ground and started¬†panicking.
I almost died (Not really)but I was scared that I was going to be swept away into the ditch and drown and some random lose crocodile was going to snatch my dead body up and I would be forever lost. These are real thoughts. Yes very sad. I did get out and will be steering clear of that road for the next week or so.
The only thing is when I drove by that road to take another road (about 2 hours later) they had a sign up , Like REALLY. Thanks for the late notice. That would have been great to know way before. Thanks buddy.
*Breathes a refreshing sigh.*
Here’s a picture of the road it gets worst more into the street but obviously I wasn’t going to walk or¬†drive¬†further in for a picture.¬†

Flood and stuff.

Alas I am alive and¬†although¬†slightly¬†irritated¬†I’m happy they have the sign up so no one can get stuck or potentially get ¬†eaten¬†by a crocodile or¬†stranded¬†shark or anything. (I live near¬†Montreal¬†– no we do not have sharks or¬†crocodiles¬†but I do have random panic attacks which convince myself as ¬†so – no I am not crazy; just creative with my imagination.)
P.s.¬†Avoid¬†deep water, because if I recall the Land before time Song “Deep water” there are¬†scary¬†things in there that you can’t see.¬†Dinosaurs!!!