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Mkay I may have over reacted, just maybe.

So Wednesday / Thursday-ish (the line is slightly blurry) I was basically in the mode of “fuck my life” and I had wrote a blog on EVERYTHING that was going wrong but then when  I hit posted my computer went craycray and essentially lost the whole blog (not even a  draft was saved) and being all frustrated and stuff I just said fuck it there’s better things to do then rewrite it (like nothingness).  But since I had written that other post I’ve had the best of luck, or just a multitude of good/great things happen to me.

And today here’s the list of awesomeness:

Ugh, I got a free riding lesson, a pair of boots and gloves for winter.

I got a HUGE mirror and plywood to finish my repairs in my porch and supper from my aunt.

I made 40$ selling an old phone that I was keeping around until I could sell.

I got a weekend full of work which means more cash.

I got to go to an awesome concert (Brad paisley) and meet a new dude – was supper fun !

My porch is fully fixed and well done.

I’m sure there were more things  but I can’t think of them but these were the best I could think of 🙂 But it’s weird how everything can be the worst and then it can be the best.

Tough times don’t last, tough people do. 😉



City Girl Gone Country

Yea I grew up in Montreal until I was 13 and then moved to the country which I completely detested and hated until like last year around my 21st Birthday.

The coincidence is weird and cool too, the first person I met when I moved down here was Jessie, I met her at a rodeo down the street from where I just moved when I was 13. Then after that day I never seen her until I started College I increasingly became closer to her and now we are best friends.

So this is important because she is my main influence and part of the reason I got the job at this farm, alongside my principle who recommended me. Anywho if it wasn’t for Jessie’s influence I would still be working in a factory.

The dairy farm I work at is owned by some of the nicest people around. Seriously. It’s great, The people are nice, the animals (when they cooperate) are nice, the job is my kind of job – I hate sitting or standing in one place jobs; I like movement. And it’s something that is available all around here and can be a gateway to other animal or farm related jobs.

So in  a nut shell I milk cows, and then sometimes clean up and stuff.

LOL Some of the funniest things happen at work – and something I expected but did not expect was getting shit on. LOL. I cried and then died and then was crying and laughing. It was so gross.

ALSO I’m a massive klutz so I always at least once a night fall into a gutter. Yep.

Hmm, Nothing quite else to tell you at the moment.

Leave a comment 🙂


Leave a Question 🙂


Tired & OPP

Man I could go for a nap right now but I know I won’t fall asleep, I’ve gone almost all week without napping. OPP (old people problems, I know. And quiet frankly this whole post is going to be about my OPP’s and how I feel, or more specifically how I feel the pains in my body.)

Also I’m only 21. haha OPP’s eh ?

I’m always tired maybe it is because I get up at 5am or something but it sucks.

But I’m never tired enough to nap.

Also my body is always physically tired too, like sore knees and back, as well as my shoulders.

Back in “russet time” I would just down Advil like no other. As if it was candy. But I rarely take Advil now because I’m trying to improve my health by avoiding unnecessary things and Advil in my opinion aren’t that necessary.

I think for January I have only consumed two, and that was because I had the flu and a migraine that wouldn’t let me get out of bed – but I had to go work.

(another post to follow on how I am making changes to be healthier,  eco-friendlier and organic and about my job that I am thoroughly enjoy)

BUT I have noticed since I’ve been changing around my workout plan (including more leg workouts like Squats, sumo squats and lunges) my legs are stronger and therefore less sore, but it is overall still hard on my knees. Like the inner of my knee joint.

I tried researching different things I could do and all of them recommend knee pads but honestly there has to be other ways.  Some natural path remedies? oils ? Massages ?

Do you know of any ways that can help stop joint pain in the knee due to kneeling (work)?

My back hurts from the futon I’m sleeping on (Couch / bed) and my shoulder hurts from that too as well, also my sports bras – I only wear them to work and for working-out but I know they’re miss sized. It’s annoying as fuck, I need new ones, but my budget at the moment won’t permit it. So I have to stick it out fora little while longer and budget them in one day. 

But anyways I’m sticking out the aches and pains in order to be healthier and pill free and debt free 🙂

What changes / sacrifices have you made in order to be healthier ?

Does your budget not allow you to buy things at the moment ?

Are you consumed by your debt ?

Do you like your job ? What is your job ?


Pshh, I’m not a farmer

I’m a raccoon chaser (say it like rake-ken)


More like the Raccoon was chasing me, and I fell, and almost died.

Yea, I did farmer work over the past weekend for learning experience purposes, and it’s pretty hard work. You don’t want to mess with a farmer, they’re pretty strong.

Just wanted to say.

BTW, Cows a freaking cute, like adora-balls.

Peace 🙂

Work ~ Play ~ Work again.

Hello pretty faces once again 🙂
So I haven’t blog for the last two days and it feels like weeks but I’ve been nonstop busy or exhausted (A lot of exhausted ~ haven’t even play video games 😦
My friend Jessie had her dinner party and it was just splendid. I brought Garlic bread which everyone ate up and can you guess what the main meal was ?!? Spaghetti 🙂
It was great, the sauce was magnificent and Emma one of Jessie’s good friend brought a unique salad which was as well good. AND don’t get me started on the dessert  YUM.
Overall I loved it and wish it could happen more than once a week *Nudge, nudge :)*
 I made 2 new friends one being human and one being a super cute cow – cowwy – baby cow ?! Anywho her name is Jingles 🙂 and she was born on Christmas.
And me being me,  I found myself multiple times being dumbfounded, such as “Is this real milk, like cows milk.” Of course all milk is cows milk except for soy milk. But I just can’t get over how dumb that was of me, and it’s not like I didn’t know what milk is. What I think I meant was “Is this all natural milk straight from the cows tit ?” But of course me bring socially awkward and dyslexic and *Everything* you can name in the books; made me say the other thing. Embarrassing. I hate being awkward. Hate. 
I was so happy to see everyone it really let off stress of work, but I did regret going to bed super late considering I’m having such a hard time keeping my eyes open right now and trying to type.  But overall I loved it, I wish I could have a party though nobody would be able to fit in my small house.
I find work is starting to get difficult, because I haven’t peeled a potato in over a month and of course when I can work I over work myself. (Not good but I will never learn, like this past summer.) My finger is swollen and my feet hurt and SOO MUCH OLD LADY PAINS. This is only my third day in a row, and I wanted to do 5! I can do it, Kinda-sorta. I just want to make sure I have enough money to start school.  I feel like this is the only time I can push myself before the limits of full time CEGEP student kick in. 
Peace. *Hunched over while walking away from the computer going oweee*