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March Break : Fun Stuff Right?

Hey guys!

How’s your March break going?

Mine is not so spectacular, with my surgery, working, over whelming homework, a cold and stress regarding my unfinished house. Oh and right before the weekend I hit my head so hard, but good thing is I didn’t have a concussion.

I though March breaks was supposed to go like this…

And of course!

Sad thing is MY break went like this


Of course cosmo,

Some good reading here

The first part of my march break I slept and the rest of it I was sick , and then I got my surgery done which was insanely painful. Next will be braces then after a year an insanely good smile! 🙂

No pain no game right?

Oddly I’m excited to get them, I wont be self conscious and will smile a lot more. 

So that was my march break! Nothing to special, Literarly. I hope everyone else had a better march break, Let me know what you did do: down below!