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Why you so yummy yet so bad for me.

Obviously everything good in moderation.

But there is no moderation when there’s chocolate.

There is simply just stuffing my face.

at 9am.

and all the other times of the day, especially near holidays.




I said no and then.

I accepted chocolate back into my life thoughtlessly.


I just walked by grabbed some and ate it without realizing it.


Also alcohol last night.

I mean ‘never say never’ but with the chocolate it lasted one god damn day.

And as for alcohol I drank with moderation, two shots and one porn star drink. Costed 20$. ( I bought a friend two shots)

Or I should say I wasted 20$ on alcohol.

For the first time in two months.

But anyways…

Do you give in to things you know that you shouldn’t ?


Where the F is my motivation ?

I have been pretty sore the last two days and haven’t been working out (2 days total not including today) I simply just have really sore knees and usually I run as my workout.

I just don’t know what I can do that will be easier as a workout on them.

Also another thing that has been annoying the fuck out of me was that I was on a downward spiral (in a good way) with weight loss I was at 174 and now since my birthday (cake, ice cream, chocolate galore) I’m back up at 179. I want to cry I hate it, I workout all the time but my diet sucks so fucking much i hate how my boyfriends mom buys all the bad foods that I simply cannot say no too. 

In my house I only bought good food because “out of sight out of mind” was the only control tactic that worked for me in regards to bad foods. If something is in front of me I will eat it. So clearly I avoid Chinese buffets haha.
So bad food plus no working out equals #fuckmyfatasseasytogainwieghtlifeihatemybellygoddamnitfucktits

Kay who ever figures out what that says I’ll do a small workout.

ANYONE have any suggestions as to what kind of workouts I could do that don’t involve my knees?


That’s it- Deal breaker

That’s it I have made the conscious choice to leave you, simply you are no longer good enough for me.

Every time I’m near you I over indulge- I’m almost addicted I just can’t say no.

You’re simply no longer healthy for me.

I just don’t care.

The package deal is no longer something I want, or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

I have to break it off with you.

I have to leave you.

Every time I’m with you or near you I feel or get sick.

That’s it.

That’s all.

Done deal.

Chocolate I’m breaking up with you.

Legit guys, I just cannot control myself when it comes to eating the stuff. I need to get it out of my life and body.

Do you have any bad for you food that you can’t just say no too ?