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Black Beauty

Well folks as you may have previously read “Fiat” I was complete turned off by the fiats/smallcars/rollingdonuts haha that last one though.

Anyways I did consider other cars. I had already seen the cobalt but was not sure about it (until I drove it) and then it was like love.  But before we jump forward – I was also considering a Subaru wrx and/or a srt4. But considering I didn’t take the time to find a nice Subaru and as for a srt4 I already have two neon’s a third would have been over kill even if it was boss. Now we can proceed with the cobalt part of this – went for a test drive and knew it was the one. haha that’s it. Like, I can’t even. Aw man it’s just perfect, bae.

May I add how everything is perfect, not a spot of rust, handling it is great. Shifter/clutch takes adjustment – considering I’ve been driving neons (before a civic and a hyandia excell) it was different, the cobalts very precise and the clutch well haha I stalled it on the first try -just the once- you live and learn come on hah. But its nothing like the other standards I’ve driven.

And I mean it’s just a load of glistening sexyness 🙂


Also “Check la wing” gosh my car for a car anyways has a nice backend :p


Advice of the day : Achieve your dreams mine was a sexyasfuckcar <— Done 😉


Fiat, oh such a small little tiddle wave of disappointment.


So since the fiat 500 came to Canada I think 2012 ? I’ve had a major crush on the car – I legitimately was convinced it was my dream car – and then the legendary Abarth came (haha)  and I was set in stone in love. Did you know you can fall out of love easy ? (like in about 3.5 seconds love turns into “WhatTheFuckk”) Mind you I only tried a 2012 fiat 500 sport I was majorly disappointed with it. It just didn’t do it for me, it didn’t I don’t know have the kick I had wanted or like give me the omg feeling, or the chills, or the over enjoyment/turn on/excitement I was looking for. That I know cars can give me. YEP I went there – so essentially this was just the sport model but I dont have the interest in trying the Abarth anymore because it’s like 30k and I can get a car at 6-10k that I can like a hell of a lot more.

Another thing is that besides the engine (abarth model compared to sport) nothing much changes it’s still small like the other fiat and uncomfortable inside. It is just overall “meh”. I don’t know how else to explain it to you guys it just didn’t feel like the one – I mean I like my crappy ass neon better than this new car! GASP I know it’s terrible isn’t it ?

Also after this wake up call of “I don’t actually love what I had convinced myself I was in love with all this time” It was a complete mindfuck I was mad at myself for not liking something that I had for so damn long.  I was really emotional (not crying and shit but mentally crying haha) it was just a disappointment.

on the upside :

See there is this Turbocharged SS Cobalt ❤ and I know I like it and I know I love it and I know it does so many things for me. Like I get overly happy about it, I dream about it, I think about it all the time (like imagining myself driving it :)) It’s like I have a crush on a car, I’m just hesitant to take the “step” plus it would be an only summer car.

Theres two I’m looking at one for 12k and one for 6k and there’s a huge difference between both.  And I don’t know how long I would do payments for and so on I really want to 1) test drive it then 2) figure my shit out and buy it 3) and make a choice summer or all season (which depends on which car actually 12k summer 6 k all season.

So I think I’m going to buy it – I’m not sure when but  at some point at time. I’m going to go test drive it soon.

I’m gonna continue saving my money.

I’m gonna stop buying restaurant (besides coffee) in attempts to bump up my savings 2k. I might go to a movie and a concert here and there but nothing to expensive. I really want to have my saving back up to 7k soon. And I want a nice car and to have cash to travel. Man I feel poor, I went down in money so quick(with duke getting sick and all and paying of 3k of debt) ! But I’m gonna back up there just as quick. 🙂 Watch me!

anyways peace


irritated, annoyed, sad.
Nothing ever works out for me.
This isn’t a pity party for me, like I’m totally okay with it – it’s just more or less an acceptance of what is that seems to be unchangeable.
So i got a newer neon (car- newer in terms of usage same year as other car) and now that makes two. A grey one and my nicer newer one that is black  (and has all the things I’ve always wanted such as sound system, racing peddles and well the  biggest factor is that’s it has a WING) lol for some reason I’ve always wanted a wing, I don’t know maybe it makes me go faster 🙂 clearly a joke. haha

But anywho my other neon was basically done, so i got this one and if anything broke I could essentially take it off the other car. But of course things are never that simple: when I went to get my winter tires put on and my oil change several issues with my new to me car popped up. This was Wednesday.

Previous before that Wednesday I got my sound system in and it lasted 20 minutes before my subs (both brand new) blew. I think what makes me the most mad is that it was just a fucking tease!!!! like seriously! 20 minutes, bitch please. UGH and the guy is being a douche and doesn’t want to exchange them.

And then my bosses dad hit my car this morning (friday)- which it’s not the hit that has me mad/sad it is the fact that I’m so frustrated – nothing ever works out.  Like I wish for once in my life I can have  something of quality  that lasts, and to fix the several problems plus the damages on my front bumper( and I can’t open my passenger door) and additional rust damages (that came with the car when purchased it) it just comes out to this ridiculous price that I seriously don’t even want to think about. Work wise 1k and body wise another 1k or more.

It’s like I keep getting cars and shit just keeps happening to them and the last two “problems” aren’t even my fault yet it still makes me look bad.

I have 3 solutions (none of which I am considering at the moment  because I have gone into this over whelming ignoring my problems and dealing with other life problems first set of mind and thus being school and work and fitness and bills.) ANYWAYS back to solutions.

#1) which is actually three options within this solution that I will have to choose from if I choose solution #1 and those being buying a new car. Within this solution I can choose to buy a cheaper second-hand new car around 10k, or go for my dream car at 23k (couple km’s on it, 2012/2013 model) or just go all out and buy a kia soul ev (electric so no gas, and I get a wack load of money back from the government 8k up to 10k if I make a charging station at my house). So yea this isn’t even a simple choice on its own it would involve thinking, budgeting, test drives, multiple car choices, I mean a car for 10K there’s so many too choose from. Then IF I were to choose from the two new ones I have to choose between what I REALLLLLLLLY WANNNNT verse What I kinda want to represent/ be a good person but still like it, it’s just there’s no good sound system or turbo 😦

#2) Get another beater( most likely another neon yet this one will have body work and a reconstructed engine) But I’m really meh about this because this person could have sold me this exact car months ago which would have helped me / saved me so much money and it is presumably money that I can use for a down payment on a new car.

#3) Take the time and take parts from my grey neon and put them on my black neon, then get the frame rebuilt then get complete body work done and a paint job done. This also in theory would be a couple thousand dollars that I could use for a down payment on a newer car. And also there’s no guarantee of what I take of the grey car will be in good shape and be able to go on the black car.

additional option of which I’m using right now, drive it until it really breaks down then drive the grey one until that breaks and then use all my saved money and buy a new car in a year or however long the two neons last in combined time. Because they both still drive and work for the most part. the things wrong with the black neon aren’t deadly (except the frame will be a problem after some winter time) and the grey neon is just slowly dying a horrible presetone leaking into the engine and alternator going kinda death.


I’m just so sad/mad/annoyed/irritated/unmotivated/unsure/angry/disappointed that this is what it is and I can’t make my mind up.





I’ve been….

Excuse here, busy here, forgetting there, and so on.

so in a nut shell – I have been a lot of things, but blogging wasn’t one of them.

This past weekend, I went to the movies to see – Need for speed. it was pretty EPIC.

Then at one point I played some of Call of Duty : Ghost – cause this girl likes guys games 🙂

Then sometime on Sunday I went to a farmers Market, and ended this weekend with an intensive and truly fucked up episode of THE WALKING DEAD, a young caracter Lizzy had issues – like murdering her sister kind of issues.


But it was a good episode-

SADLY there are only 2 episodes left until October 😦 *insert crying here* WAIIIN

So anyways I have not much time to spare because I have to workout, How was your weekend though?

Peace 🙂


Food For Thought – New Second Hand Car.


Imagine this: you get a new for you car but it’s second hand. You’re ecstatic, have freedom and are very happy. You got it for a great price, it is everything you have ever wanted. You even got winter tires, a good sound system and it even smells great.

But think about it, who owed it before you ? What has really gone on in that car ?

Was it perhaps a teenager who owned it ? Therefore the possibility of dried semen can be lurking in the fine materials of the seats. I dunno but really have you ever thought about that, chances are, there has been some form of sexual leftovers on/in your new car. I mean just take a minute and look in your back seat, any weird stains ?

I’ll let you guys ponder on this.



Firstly, Pipe the fuck down and for those of you’s whom want to know where I got this from visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EldZB85l6bU
I love all natural things, like water, cause without it of course I couldn’t wash my hair, stay hydrated, I dunno give my dog water, kayak, skate and all other sorts of stuff.
But for some god damn not normal reason *Global warming* everything melted today, in the middle of January, in Canada. And river road *Hint hint* Flooded and the town hadn’t put signs up so here I am like *La di da, la di da, HOLY MOTHER F^CK, shit. Christ* and of course I stall. For those of you’s currently lost in translation, my car stalled in the road turned river with a current and slabs of ice floating onto the other side, and I am dead center in a curve and couldn’t see the ground and started panicking.
I almost died (Not really)but I was scared that I was going to be swept away into the ditch and drown and some random lose crocodile was going to snatch my dead body up and I would be forever lost. These are real thoughts. Yes very sad. I did get out and will be steering clear of that road for the next week or so.
The only thing is when I drove by that road to take another road (about 2 hours later) they had a sign up , Like REALLY. Thanks for the late notice. That would have been great to know way before. Thanks buddy.
*Breathes a refreshing sigh.*
Here’s a picture of the road it gets worst more into the street but obviously I wasn’t going to walk or drive further in for a picture. 

Flood and stuff.

Alas I am alive and although slightly irritated I’m happy they have the sign up so no one can get stuck or potentially get  eaten by a crocodile or stranded shark or anything. (I live near Montreal – no we do not have sharks or crocodiles but I do have random panic attacks which convince myself as  so – no I am not crazy; just creative with my imagination.)
P.s. Avoid deep water, because if I recall the Land before time Song “Deep water” there are scary things in there that you can’t see. Dinosaurs!!!

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

(We love you, Favorite childhood movie.)

So as you guys might or might not know, my car (le neon) died in August 2012(As my parents would say “The shitbox died) and I bought an Elantra in September (The other car that is possibly better than my car but I keep denying it because Le neon will always be my first car when in reality it is my third.) (I have a bad car history, I won’t elaborate on this). We couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my car, etc, etc, etc.  So I had bought my New to me but very old to the world winter beater to obviously get me through winter. And it has done that and has only had issues once and that being a battery problem. How Ironic (See below.)

Well Guess what ?!? My Neon starts. *Pulls out hair.* All it need was a frigin boost (and a New battery).

Now I’m stuck. The current car I have is *Cough* automatic *ew* and I hate automatics I love my stick shifts. So what do I do; sell my neon now that it works?! sell the Elantra. Keep both? Go in the Derby? With which one?

*cries in confusion* You can tell I’m such a women eh ? I can never decide on what the hell I want to do.  NEVERRRR.  I seriously feel bad for the male race for the fact that they have to deal with us women never being 100% sure of what they want.

Oh and lastly I spent 500$ on my “new to me but old to the world car” when in reality I could have had my boyfriend boost it and get a 40$ second hand battery form the scrap year.

Fantastic. Vehicles. Modes of transportation. Gas guzzlers. 

It was a good night after all.

So the night of my YMCA course, seemed to be going alright. Got there safe, understood that I have to know every muscle group, bone, ligament and joints of the body of by heart for tomorrow’s test. And then stopped by Tim Horton got coffee, didn’t win 😦  Boyfriend texts me,  “Got Hunger Games tickets, in the new room called AVX, leather chairs, bigger screen, louder, nobody can take your seat!” He sure did get me there, I’m like haha there is no new theater room at the Coliseum, I WAS WRONG. OMG Amaaazing! Like officially once you go in there you aren’t going to go back. The only downfall, the fro-yo stand was closed and we had to wait 3 hours before the movie started. So we went to scores YUM.

Now I’m going to go OMG about how amazing the movie was. Like AMAZING. Best ever. Fantastic. Twilight has nothing on this. Omg, and if you haven’t seen it, what are you waiting for! Go, go get tickets online right now and go watch it!

So that’s the only best ever thing to like ever happen!

So word of advice GOOO!

May I take moment right her to rant about how semi drivers aren’t always good drivers? I know some people who their dads drive, and probably  drive really good. But when it is 3 in the morning and they are swerving between two lanes and the far ends of each lane I think it is time to pull over and take a nap? Mkay thanks, just thinking about safety first!

You won’t be disappointed, Well maybe for the fact that they don’t show a lot of gale, but me personally I don’t like him all that much he’s … well meh. But everyone has their opinions right?

Also I got my Pura Vida bracelets in, They are ADORABLE, so cute for such a good cause I got a breast cancer one and 2 other pink ones. Want cute bracelets for a good cause, get them! They create jobs too. Two in one.