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Sunday Night Chit Chat

My favorite photo is of my Majestic puppy enjoying the snow. It was taken a few weeks ago but is timeless and I’m just in love with it. She’s looks at home in the snow. 


My favorite quote was from an Artist named Lights “When I accomplish something I’m proud of, that’s when I look in the mirror and feel pretty. Do your thing, your beauty grows into you.”

What are you…

  • Reading: Just got done 50 Shades of Grey (Yesterday) and will be posting a blog about my review next week of the trilogy. I will be starting Lauren Conrads book L.A. Candy promptly. 

  • Watching: I actually don’t have cable nor satalite. So I’m changing this to ‘gaming’. This would be Black ops. I’m waiting for The Walking Dead to come back on air then I’ll be glued to my Boyfriends T.V. Every Sunday. 

  • Listening to: Gun shots, my boyfriend is playing black ops 2 – But am craving Dubstep.  

  • Baking/Cooking: Garlic Bread for a girlie get together with a group of school friends tomorrow.

  • Happy you accomplished this week: Haven’t spent a penny in my no/low spend challenge. And all of the blogging I have been doing lately. 

  • Looking forward to next week: Tones of work hours and getting my hair done and my friend Jessie’s dinner. Can not wait much longer !

  • What is the minimum # you feel comfortable with sitting in your bank account/piggy bank? 500$ would be nice because I would stress less about payments and starting a new school term though I am far from that. But I am planning on working tones of hours this week in order to meet my ‘before school’ goal. 

Current Situation

Call of duty black ops 2 is the second game I’m currently into (The first being Resident Evil 6). As you can see by my twitter.  A few minutes ago (it is 1 am and I am at my boyfriends parents house) I did a human interpretation of a Bouncing Betty. Yess. It was completely awesome. I’m very hyper. I think I woke up his parents. Shit. Well back to playing more games.

Peanut butter Jelly time 🙂

I’m hyper. Very hyper. It’s a sad sad thing to witness.

Paint ball


Honestly I wished I was better at paintball like I am in the game maybe I would have gotten someone with a paint ball. But this was from the fall and was the first experience I had with acting quick and shooting just as quick.  It as fun I would do it again though it did also hurt. A lot. Games are much less hands on and a lot less serious.


My New Year So Far

How have I been spending 2013? Playing black ops 2 with my Boyfriend and basically enjoying my vacation. But all too soon this will be coming to an end since my company is opening back up tomorrow, so  enabling me to work tones of hours to pay for general bills *woohoo*

On the not so familiar side nothing has gone as planned at all! Since New Year’s Eve, which it itself was a mini disaster, not a single thing that me and my boyfriend had planned happened and it was because of stupid small mishaps (Like forgetting someone’s wallet *Ahem not me*) And then from there on out nothing has gone as planned to the point I have stopped planning for the last 2 days. Try to get up early; sleep in till noon. Try to declutter; get side tracked and start of course playing games.

I feel like I’m taking my vacation way too easy I should be working hard and whatnot but as much as I try it just doesn’t happen. I hope I can get hours tomorrow that will for sure kick my ass back into gear again.


How has your holiday been going?

New years off to a good start? 


Peace, xo.