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Black Beauty

Well folks as you may have previously read “Fiat” I was complete turned off by the fiats/smallcars/rollingdonuts haha that last one though.

Anyways I did consider other cars. I had already seen the cobalt but was not sure about it (until I drove it) and then it was like love.  But before we jump forward – I was also considering a Subaru wrx and/or a srt4. But considering I didn’t take the time to find a nice Subaru and as for a srt4 I already have two neon’s a third would have been over kill even if it was boss. Now we can proceed with the cobalt part of this – went for a test drive and knew it was the one. haha that’s it. Like, I can’t even. Aw man it’s just perfect, bae.

May I add how everything is perfect, not a spot of rust, handling it is great. Shifter/clutch takes adjustment – considering I’ve been driving neons (before a civic and a hyandia excell) it was different, the cobalts very precise and the clutch well haha I stalled it on the first try -just the once- you live and learn come on hah. But its nothing like the other standards I’ve driven.

And I mean it’s just a load of glistening sexyness 🙂


Also “Check la wing” gosh my car for a car anyways has a nice backend :p


Advice of the day : Achieve your dreams mine was a sexyasfuckcar <— Done 😉


Mkay I may have over reacted, just maybe.

So Wednesday / Thursday-ish (the line is slightly blurry) I was basically in the mode of “fuck my life” and I had wrote a blog on EVERYTHING that was going wrong but then when  I hit posted my computer went craycray and essentially lost the whole blog (not even a  draft was saved) and being all frustrated and stuff I just said fuck it there’s better things to do then rewrite it (like nothingness).  But since I had written that other post I’ve had the best of luck, or just a multitude of good/great things happen to me.

And today here’s the list of awesomeness:

Ugh, I got a free riding lesson, a pair of boots and gloves for winter.

I got a HUGE mirror and plywood to finish my repairs in my porch and supper from my aunt.

I made 40$ selling an old phone that I was keeping around until I could sell.

I got a weekend full of work which means more cash.

I got to go to an awesome concert (Brad paisley) and meet a new dude – was supper fun !

My porch is fully fixed and well done.

I’m sure there were more things  but I can’t think of them but these were the best I could think of 🙂 But it’s weird how everything can be the worst and then it can be the best.

Tough times don’t last, tough people do. 😉



Is love blind ?

So on fb someone (mino) posted a photo of a pair of old no good boots that she was going to get rid of and I went forth and commented on there and another friend/cousin of hers commented (jed) and then we went forth with disputing on love. Not negatively but jokingly about love and blindness and so forth and I came out with this: 

“No but to be in love with some one or something you have to have an attraction to them and that attraction then turns into persuasion / relationship/ buying the shoes/ car /horse/ or anything it is- first an attraction a “hey look at that/those/her/him” and then from there on out it turns into love. I cant be in love with “blank” if I’m not attracted to “blank”. something draws me to it and that draw is attraction and that can even be applied to “mind sets – or how people think” like i can be attracted to a person not based on looks but based on their thinking process or views on the world or how they treat others. but the key line here is attractions draws which turns into something more.. thus being that love is not blind because you were first drawn to it/thing/item/him/her/ what him her thinks or does or says: so therefore what lead you to love was not the blindness but an clear view of something that triggered attraction in your brain/mind which open the doors to love.”

What do ya’ll think ? I’ve done plenty research on these topics because I want / had wanted to be a relationship psychologist and the biggest aspect in a relationship is love but anyways the prime idea here is that no love is not blind because you were drawn to the thing or person that you are in love with first. you were drawn through a primary sensory: seeing, hearing, tasting, touching ( I may have missed one ..) before it could lead to something else. (i.e. love)

Must say friends I’m pretty proud of myself for being this come-backy. usually I would have been like “no not true” but I actually used some knowledge.


Ah, this.

If y’all follow me on instagram you know that almost every picture I have of myself on there has this hashtag.

Bien, Long hair don’t care- see the thing is I do care: about my long hair that is.

I have stopped dying my hair and am taking extra steps for it to grow long and healthy. Those being various “natural” shampoos and conditioners.

But with long hair there are problems.

These being :

You get plenty of knots.

Brushing those knots out hurt.

Whenever I take off my seat belt my hair ALWAYS get’s stuck in it. And then the painful process of pulling your hair out.


STATIC, holy fuck. My biggest pet peeve, like no matter what I do I have static and I’m not about to use hair spray I rather not get cancer thank you very much.

Cows, haha kay so I work on a farm milking cows so therefore I’m around them all the time and get pretty close to them – and whats more appetizing to a cow than nice long hair in a ponytail or a bun. Good thing is me and the cows have a good understanding of each other- don’t touch my hair :p (aka I’m more cautious as to how close my hair get’s to their faces )

Laying down – on my hair.

My boyfriend having his oh so romantic hand behind my shoulders while watching TV and moves his arm during which he pulls my hair.

Getting dress I always have to do awkward movements to ensure my hair doesn’t get tangled or stuck under my clothes. The worst though is it getting tangled in my bra clip. Lordy jesus does that grind my gears.

Styling – curls? Naw my hair’s to long for that because it take an hour to do them only for about 15 minutes of nice hair and then it’s flat again. And as I said above I don’t use hair spray.

Any other nice hair styles / do’s are just massive do not’s at the moment.

I can never get my hair to part right.

When I jog it’s so annoying -_-

It doesn’t grow fast enough.

Again, static.

So there you have it.

What are your hair problems ?


Best deal EVER.

So I only use Essie nail polishes.


And that can be quite expensive, considering they are 9.99-12.99 a pop.

On Monday I bought 8 of them + 4 nail files.

Now you are all probably thinking woah for somebody who has a budget of 25$ for fun (See my march challenge page at the top for more info.) How can she afford to get 90$ of nail polish. ( not including the nail files, i think they’re a 1.99)

Well if you all follow me on twitter ( @AmberEveSimpson) You will see that I tweeted about an insane sale.

I mean. 2.10$ per nail polish! Type sale.

Oh baby jesus. Score.

So yeah now I have a tone more nail polish and a few gifts already bought.

The colors I got were:

Eternal optimist

as gold as it gets

Ballet slippers

set in stones

Turquoise & caicos

Pure pearlfection

a cut above

merino cool.

So yea sale was at the Uniprix in Huntingdon they came in a gift pack that is 2 nail polishes & a nail file for 4.29.

Go get them!



eos A Product Review.

Eos is a fantastic brand of moisturizing products, most known for their lip balms that look like little colorful eggs. 
There’s a number of things that I am in love with about this product, first off it tastes the way it smells. Yea I know lip balm isn’t meant to be indulge but it just so happens if you lick your lips it does really taste like berries. 
Secondly its animal testing free, yep says it on the label and that’s fantastic in my opinion. I don’t usually purchase products based on whether or not they do animal testing, but I’m becoming more aware of products that do or do not, especially if a competitor with a better product doesn’t test on animals. In my opinion this is a huge win.
You can really feel the moisturizer  for a while I was using Baby lips but then it just didn’t do much. It felt gritty sometimes or I would still have chapped lips. But this you can feel it, lasts me a good few hours of softness. Even the boy approves of my super soft lips 😉
Lastly it has so many other great things about it ; its organic, gluten-free, all natural, paraben free, petrolatum free and phthalate free. Which makes it a great thing in such a small package. Also, I highly recommend this as a gift for your girls. Especially if they tend to be allergic to gluten or are pro-animal rights this is a really cute and useful gift at a insanely cheap price. (Not saying that you should cheap out on your mom or anything, it’s just a cute idea 😉 )
You can find these products at a local drugstore, in Huntingdon Uniprix sells them (They’re on sale this week, haha) They don’t go for more than 4$. Also there are other products like body lotion and shaving cream. 
I definitely recommend this product!

Look Into My EYES.

Alrighty, That was pretty Dramatic.

So today I will be writing a short post about my contacts. First off they were 30$ roughly, colored and prescription. Great steal. Right? And not like the kinds you usually get that last 2 weeks (a pack of 6 pairs for 100$) form your eye specialist.  These last a year, Knowing me; we can say at least 6 months. I always end up losing them or running out of solution and they dry up. You know, something happens. But overall they are a great package, and arrived in 4 days time! 

Secondly the responses I get rang from “Holy crap, those are awesome!” To  “I can’t look you in the eye it’s weird.”  My Boyfriend was the first to see them, I had one in and one out and he was like “That’s fucking weird.” Mind my language of course :] Besides that I have more good responses then bad. Do I plan on wearing them forever? Not really they were a temporary thing, they were only supposed to be for Halloween  but then 2 things had came up. Thing #1 I ended up working on both the Halloween weekend party and Halloween day, woo.  Thing #2  My glasses are completely ruined I can’t see out of them, so I only use them for work now, my poor D&G’s 😦 And I can’t afford to re-do the lens part it’d be about 200$ right now that  don’t have outside of my budget.  So it turns out I’m going to have to use them for a bit probably until Christmas, I’m not at all sad , I think they’re super awesome.

Lemme know what you think, Here is a picture :] And there will be a link to my Tumblr which has more ‘up close’ pictures of them, down below.


 Lastly the name brand I purchased was Honey~Color, In Neo Bambi Grey. Here’s the link! http://www.honeycolor.com/geo-bambi-sesame-gray.html

And this is my Tumblr :] http://www.amberbubblybabe.tumblr.com

You can also follow me on Twitter, I’m obsessed so you should be entertained often, May I also add in how I do all-nighters often? And get a little Cray~Cray @AmberEveSimpson

Just Another Lazy Saturday Morning…

Hello everyone!

Finally for the first time in weeks, I got to sleep in. Then brought the dog for a walk and went and had the best hot chocolate EVER! at Jazz Tech 🙂 Wanna have good service? Go there, They are the best and so welcoming.  So sometime last night everything decided to melt and get all wet and slushy. Not good … now I’m soaking wet which sucks, and my hairs ruined because of how windy it was.  So I’m turning this Saturday into the lazy Saturday. I’m not going to do much at all.

While I’m here I’d like to mention my favorite Oscar dress’s My top two are (tied)

1)      Milla Jovovich in Elie Saab



2)      And Cameron Diaz in Gucci



Both Girls are stunning and I love the girly trend that seems to be going on and short hair-do. Very well done!

The cutest dog and man are…


Adorable right?  I think so, since I can never get any pictures of him and I finally got one  yay! Have I mentioned that I have a Bunny rabbit too? Named Sur prince Fuzziie Face.  He doesn’t do too much sooo yea. He eats and sleeps and bites you once in a while haha.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading/looking at all of this!