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The Verdict

So finally, I had my doctor’s appointment today and got some good news. I had my cast taken off as well but now I have to tap my ring finger and my middle finger. You alll know what this means, I won’t be able to fully express my road rage.  aha, that’s a joke, I don’t have road rage, nor a speeding problem 😉

Even though I’m not wearing my cast anymore I can’t say that I can go write a term paper and start using the elliptical. Definitely, not.  I can’t open a door, I can’t turn a car key, I can’t hold a cup of coffee but besides this there is a noticeable improvement.

Besides the fact that my hands the color of the Grinch(how the Grinch stole Christmas) and Big bird(from sesame street) It is a lot less swollen, though it is still quite swollen around my knuckles and my fractured finger.

I got to see my fracture and it turns out I have a medium fracture not a hair line and a chunk of my knuckle had broken. To be SPECIFIC it’s my 4th middle phalange on the inner right top where it connects to the proximal phalanges.  Yea, no big deal or anything. It’ll take 6-8 weeks to heal.

In the mean while there are  few things I can do, type with my thumb and index finger from my right hand and of course every finger on my left hand.  Go jogging, worked out today [: super motivated to, it was over a week since I last had. Play with my fur baby. Change my clothes though my bra proved to be a pain in the butt. But overall I avoid using my right hand unless it’s very light work like tapping a key board.

So I’ll keep you updated shortly. The picture below is NOT MY HAND. But a Google picture with names of the parts of the finger so you guys can get a better understanding.


The pink is to give you guys a rugh idea where it would be.. This is NOT my hand once again. Though having apink fracture would be cool.


peace, xo