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Socially Awkward

As in:

Something doesn’t go as planned.

Someone knew joins a group of conversation.

I’m caught singing.

I join a conversation I lack background in.

Singing again.

Fall, which surprisingly happens a lot.

Public jogging. 

A conversation stirs of topic OR doesn’t go as pre planned. (Yes, I attempt to pre plan conversations, if not i’m awkward as fuck and never know what to say and then am really quite, or worse – GIGGLE.)

All of these situations make me super socially awkward which typically results in giggling to thy self.

What makes you socially awkward sometimes (or in my case all of the time) ?


Work ~ Play ~ Work again.

Hello pretty faces once again 🙂
So I haven’t blog for the last two days and it feels like weeks but I’ve been nonstop busy or exhausted (A lot of exhausted ~ haven’t even play video games 😦
My friend Jessie had her dinner party and it was just splendid. I brought Garlic bread which everyone ate up and can you guess what the main meal was ?!? Spaghetti 🙂
It was great, the sauce was magnificent and Emma one of Jessie’s good friend brought a unique salad which was as well good. AND don’t get me started on the dessert  YUM.
Overall I loved it and wish it could happen more than once a week *Nudge, nudge :)*
 I made 2 new friends one being human and one being a super cute cow – cowwy – baby cow ?! Anywho her name is Jingles 🙂 and she was born on Christmas.
And me being me,  I found myself multiple times being dumbfounded, such as “Is this real milk, like cows milk.” Of course all milk is cows milk except for soy milk. But I just can’t get over how dumb that was of me, and it’s not like I didn’t know what milk is. What I think I meant was “Is this all natural milk straight from the cows tit ?” But of course me bring socially awkward and dyslexic and *Everything* you can name in the books; made me say the other thing. Embarrassing. I hate being awkward. Hate. 
I was so happy to see everyone it really let off stress of work, but I did regret going to bed super late considering I’m having such a hard time keeping my eyes open right now and trying to type.  But overall I loved it, I wish I could have a party though nobody would be able to fit in my small house.
I find work is starting to get difficult, because I haven’t peeled a potato in over a month and of course when I can work I over work myself. (Not good but I will never learn, like this past summer.) My finger is swollen and my feet hurt and SOO MUCH OLD LADY PAINS. This is only my third day in a row, and I wanted to do 5! I can do it, Kinda-sorta. I just want to make sure I have enough money to start school.  I feel like this is the only time I can push myself before the limits of full time CEGEP student kick in. 
Peace. *Hunched over while walking away from the computer going oweee*