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The grass is greener where you water it.

It is all in the title,

Wisdom of the day, sure the grass on the other side of the fence may seem greener but honestly the grass is greener where you water it.

aka where you nourish it.

Have any wisdom to share with me today ? Please leave a short comment ūüôā


Driving everyone nuts.

is it a wee bit nutty ?

Ha, Well I had to add humor somewhere -__-

So lately I’ve been this ball of “DA FUQ” and cry cry¬†cry, I have no clue if it is/was Pms¬†or I’m just a little depressed or so fucking stressed with life: I want to keeeel over.

Mind my slang though – Too much twitter talk and tumblr.

Anyways, I look to several people for advice, well two. My cousin in law Terri and my bestie¬†lover friend Jessie. Jessies¬†seen me through it all, I mean I practically live at her house. I’m so included in the family that I had turkey dinner there (Tanker you it was berry¬†good). Terri on the other hand has the knowledge and wisdom I look too because of her experience; aka older and wiser than any of my friends she has the best advice (and reminders {and turkey dinners} :))

I need to figure out some crap in my life and these are my two main girls because with out them, I would be crying in a closet somewhere, or starving, or lonely, or forever alone, of crying in hole I dug with my finger nails due to anxiety stress. (I think you get the point ?)

Yea, so for the longest time I would gloat about my ability to volunteer, work full-time, go to school full-time, and keep fitness going. And yea to the point ? It all died, crashed and then burnt. Yea I can admit that I am no longer able to do this temporarily – BUT I did do it for 3 years straight.

Right now I just gotta put my priorities straight, achieve my goals and get rid of the crap load of crap in my life. AKA my negativity¬†– overly needy bitch ass cryingness. (yee that’s a mouth full)


1)School bang wagon: either jump off or get back on Рnone of this one leg on and one leg off crap (Sounds like and elaborate yoga position)

2) Get those mother fuckin Abs I’ve wanted since grade 11.

3) Stop being a needy as bitch, and stop crying like one because real men don’t cry (Da fuq lady parts ?)

4) Let go, move forward, be happy.

Yep these are my from here on out till 2014 goals / priority’s.

Peace peeps.