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My New Year So Far

How have I been spending 2013? Playing black ops 2 with my Boyfriend and basically enjoying my vacation. But all too soon this will be coming to an end since my company is opening back up tomorrow, so  enabling me to work tones of hours to pay for general bills *woohoo*

On the not so familiar side nothing has gone as planned at all! Since New Year’s Eve, which it itself was a mini disaster, not a single thing that me and my boyfriend had planned happened and it was because of stupid small mishaps (Like forgetting someone’s wallet *Ahem not me*) And then from there on out nothing has gone as planned to the point I have stopped planning for the last 2 days. Try to get up early; sleep in till noon. Try to declutter; get side tracked and start of course playing games.

I feel like I’m taking my vacation way too easy I should be working hard and whatnot but as much as I try it just doesn’t happen. I hope I can get hours tomorrow that will for sure kick my ass back into gear again.


How has your holiday been going?

New years off to a good start? 


Peace, xo.