Sunday night chit chat :)

Finally I’m feeling better. Over the week of never ending sickness I manage to watch the Hunger Games for a second time and this is where one of my most memorable (but not favorite quotes) comes from.
Hunger gamesReading:
A book for class that I actually enjoy, hence why I’m including it. Shakespeares Titus  Andronicus
Listening to:
94.7 something by Pit Bull, I think get lose ? Or something.
Just got done the Walking Dead and the Talking Dead (After show talk etc.) AMAZING, but terrifying and sad. I cried, yelled and fist pumped the air.
Nothing :s I never cook.
Happy you accomplished this week
I really did nothing this week I was so sick, I did get into Facebook games * I know lame! haha * Nothing really that I can remember.
I remember on Tuesday I had brainstormed an idea to have an open house for the local gym I volunteer for and it turned out to be a whole school open house! and we got 8 new people signed up. That I’m proud off, and getting a yoga fitness class going for my peers for a super cheap price 5$ I’m happy that these things worke out with out me there and that they turned out to be so successful.
Looking forward to next week
My friends birthday, a dinner party, more work hours,  and getting 5 workouts done including yoga and zumba.
Thankful for today
I’m thankful for two things, one being my uncles getting better, he can eat! I’m so grateful, and happy and am praying for them so much!
The second thing is I finally am n ot laid off anymore, after two weeks of no work or money I have hours and worked 10 of them today.
Bonus Question: Have you ever received a gift you were less than thrilled with? Did you feel like you had to keep/use it in order to spare feelings from getting hurt?
Hmm, not recently gifts come very little and when received I make good use of them even if it wasn’t something I typically like.  For your situation I recommend a deep breathe and write down the pro’s and con’s. If he is really that bad of a little guy then get rid eof him but if there are more pro’s well give him a chance.

I’m back- For a moment.

So my lack of posts has been because I’m terribly sick.

I’m still sick.

This is horrible I went to the doctors and all I can eat/drink is water, crackers, jello. I need coffee, like badly.

I haven’t been to school in  a week and have been in bed dying.

Even worst news is my Uncle is so sick, he’s in a semi coma and it is all very tragic. I just want to get better so I can go support my aunt.

February has been the worst month in the existence of my life.