The big Question

I follow and love Shes a great young lady paying off her rather large debts,  on her  blog she left a question that I am choosing to write a blog as my answer.

So my question for all of my blogger friends out there? – If you weren’t a Personal Finance Blogger (or insert ”x” blogger) what kind of “y” blogger would you be? What’s your other passion? And for my readers who don’t blog, would you still read a PF blog if all of a sudden that blogger started writing about other things other than finances?

I simply have a personal blog – where I blog about my life, my thoughts and my passions.

If I could have another blog (or two :p) it’s a relationships and advice blog – where I can give advice talk about my own issues or good happenings and maybe a segment would be interviewing other people and telling their story.

The second blog would be an inspiring fitness blog for all those people who say “they don’t know how” and ” they cant”. I would show them that they could. In grade 11 I lost 60 lbs and kept them off for 3 years. Last year in a mild depressions I gained 50lbs back. In June of 2013 I took initiative and started back on my health pack slowly but surely I have lost (and gained). Now in 2014 I have lost a total of  5lbs this month, solid, and because of my physical job I’m not only losing fat but gaining muscle and am feeling more better about myself than when I was just skinny. I want to motivate people. Give them tips. I have two personal trainers courses under my belt. I have a passion for health and an ice cream weakness (nobody is perfect).

I just don’t feel good enough.

YEP. I know. Stupid eh.

Maybe one day I will feel good enough.


Something different


Want to spice up your tuna sandwich? Instead of over processed full of additives mayo or miracle whip use hummus.

All I simply do is take tuna in water- drain it, put it in a bowl, cut up 3 inches of celery into small microscopic pieces and add to the bowl with the tuna. Finally add 1-2 table spoons of hummus (celery and hummus are to my taste you may change accordingly)

Its a great alternative.  The humnus I used was garlic roasted. I love this change up.

The mix made is enough for 2-3 sandwiches which you can save for later. 

And finally! Use brown bread- personally I like the ones that have all the seeds and grains but the bread I used was what I had.  But if you have a choice at least go for brown 🙂

Do you like hummus?
How about brown bread?
Or tuna?


Working on Homeostasis.


The balance within that’s going to be affecting the outside too.

So this new year I have been restoring balance on the outside of my life- debt repayment, saving, getting more work, working out everyday, doing more things I like, Getting plenty of sleep. But some of these “outside things”  affect my inner body – like being healthy, eating healthy, sleeping 8 hours a day, working out, skating.

I can’t say “I’m healthy” I mean some of you will argue with me, for the most part I am improving my heath (but I just ate a bowl of fro-yo sooo I can’t say just yet that I am healthy) Though I have been daily incorporating healthy juices into my diet – in my opinionmy efforts are  still minimal. I know that If I wanted too I could be eating healthy a good 90% of the time. But …

One thing I keep saying is a priority of mine is to be healthier – I mean though this is a lifestyle I already have; I am influenced by those around me – friends and my boyfriend especially. And I lack self-control. I JUST CANNOT NOT EAT CHOCOLATE IF IT IS OFFERED TO ME. And sadly I won’t say no. But see if that was just the case – it alongside others foods offered to me once in a blue moon I’d be all good. It’d be once in a while and controlled. But I live with my Boyfriend – and even though his parents don’t buy all of our food and I’d say 1/4th is healthy  (we buy our fruits and veggies for juicing) I just can’t say no to that fro-yo or that over processed bread or pasta or nuts. I mean I walk into the kitchen often – It’s where the exit of the house is.  And it is so easy just to grab and go.

Sure your thinking “portion control” nope I lack that too.

And I guess this post is about the struggle – maybe I’m weak, or discipline less. I just don’t know how.

Alongside this my boyfriend works at a resto so it is so easy to ask him to order something for me – and the second I ask I regret it, but then it is too late I can’t just waste the food. So I eat it.

I’m not blaming them- I’m completely blaming myself, I just wish there was a way to not want it. To look at it and go ‘meh’.

Does anyone have any ideas and such ?

Methods ?

Are you like this too ?

Peace, stay healthy.



The post of Questions followed by answers ?

As you begin this survey, what is the current date and time?

January 8th 2014, 2:29pm


How has your day been so far?

It’s been okay


How are you? Are you okay? I just thought I’d ask, because people don’t always bother to ask.

I’m okay, feel like shit about a mistake I made yesterday.


If you’re NOT okay, what’s wrong?

I wish I could turn back time and stop myself.


The last time you left your house, where did you go? Did you walk, or travel in a vehicle?

I don’t have a home L but yes the last time I left my Boyfriends house was around 11 to go get nmy hair cut he drove me there but I walked back home.


In your opinion, who is/was the coolest teacher at your school, and why?

…I’m not in school.


Are you wearing anything blue? What about purple?

Yes my shirt.


What tinned foods do you currently have in your cupboard?

Uh, pees, soup and I think Braviolli from what I remember.


Who was the last person you yelled at? Why?

I haven’t yelled lately lol


Do you know anyone named Graham?



Are you sitting next to anyone?



How many girls do you know named Alison?

I think I graduated with one but I’m not sure. lol


Do you dislike the last person you Facebook messaged?

Neh he’s annoying.


Who was the last person that sent you a Facebook friend request, and you ignored them? Why did you ignore them?

I mainly accept all so idk


Is there a certain person that you only have to think about, and you automatically smile?

Well no shit Sherlock- the one and only Daryl Dixon ❤


Do you dunk biscuits in your tea/coffee?

Yes sir


Who is your favorite person to have weird random conversations with?

LMFAO Jessie <3333 our Batman/ pizza nights.


Does it bother you when someone goes offline without saying “bye”?

Ain’t got a worry


Is there anyone in your group of friends that you don’t completely trust? If so, why do you feel that you can’t trust them? You don’t have to give names.

I trust all my close friends, the other ones well they are prolly just acquaintances.


When was the last time you used a computer in a public place?



5 random facts about the person you love/like.


I love his eyes, they’re so Blue

He has a thing for cars.

He will make me laugh beyond no end in order to get me to smile.

He is good at everything he does- lmfao I wish I had skills like those.
Do you prefer to do the asking out, or be asked out?

I have only asked one guy out …


Is there anything happening soon, that you’re NOT looking forward to?

Paying bills related to cars and such. And paying my debt.


Have you ever called a teacher mum/dad?

Aw fuck, yes it’s terrible.


Who’s the quietest of all your friends?

Do I have a quiet friend ?


What were you like as a 10 year old?

Goin with the flow and fat.


Who did you last say “I hate you” to? Did you mean it?

I didn’t mean it, sometime during a fight.


Do you own anything that is heart-shaped?

All my heart things are broken.


Have you forgiven the last person that broke your heart?


Are you home alone right now? If so, where are the people you live with?

I is. BoyFreeend is working on my car with his pops and his  mom is at work.


What colour was the last towel you used?



Are you planning on getting drunk anytime soon?

I pretty much well gave up on drinking.


How old were you when you got your first computer?

13 or something.


Are you a chocoholic?

Sadly my thighs say yes.


What kinds of music do your parents like to listen to? Do you share any of their taste in music at all?

Not really.


Did you ever have an imaginary friend as a child? What was his/her name?



 Is there a song that reminds you of the person you love/like? Do you listen to that song often?

Anything Breath Carolina and Bass like reminds me of him.


What’s the date and time now?


That thing we call the holidays.

How were your holidays ?

Mine were good except I’m not a very holiday-y person, I like to spend time with people and stuff my face but when it comes it gift giving or receiving I rather just not take part in it. I feel like that is all Christmas is about.

Maybe it is because I’m rebellious, maybe it is because of something else.

Growing up I would remember my parents getting gifts for me and my brother and leaving bills unpaid until they had more money. This probably has to do with my sour image of Christmas, I mean why must we spend tones of money to make kids happy or our friends and family feel loved by us ? I feel like children grow up with more expectations and a massive materialistic ideologies. It’s disgusting, some kids are a third my age and have phones and new high tech gadgets and probably don’t even know what monopoly or play-dough is !

Now on a more personal level, I really just don’t want to get 30 different people gifts, honestly “ain’t nobody got time for that” and I ain’t got the money for that either. But I do like the idea of pulling a name out of a hat and buying that one person a gift, it’s more “user friendly” in my opinion. I’m not selfish, I’m not greedy, I don’t only want gifts, I couldn’t be bothered if no one even gave me anything as long as I got to eat some turkey 🙂 But I know just saying all of this I’ll probably be regarded as a scrooge or something like so.


And our children (I do not have any), the younger generations they  are just so goddamn materialistic. For example my own younger brother the first thing I heard out of his mouth when I seen him over the holiday was “What did you get me ?!??!?!?!?!?” My reaction was disgust and then to slap him upside the head, of course I didn’t do that but still. Is this really what it is about? Seeing each other and having a big dinner talking about the ol’ times  to me is better than the contrary.

What are your opinions of the holidays ?

What did you get if you get anything?

How do you gift give, pull a name out of a hat or give something to everyone ?

Peace, xo.

Wrecking Ball.

Miley Cyrus has been – Well I think she’s been pretty gutsy and kick ass. No guts no glory.  Right ?

I mean lady gaga can write a song about sex dreams why can’t Miley be basically naked and riding a wrecking ball ?

I mean if we think about sex, it is something the human race has in common with every other being on earth – reproduction right ? Might as well have fun with it.

But anyways this blog post isn’t about my opinions of sex or sex appeal it is about how people are like “omg she’s such a  bad example” yes maybe for a 10-year-old she is but Miley is no longer a teen start; she is a young adult that has her mind on what most young people do.

AND also if you listen the lyrics they- I personally find- convey such meaning that I can relate to.  If you look past the making-out with a sledge-hammer and being naked (mind you she does have quite a nice body – so the whole naked thing is like in my opinion is if you’ve got it, give it) is just part of a show she’s putting on, I mean she is a performer after all.

Anyways I think it is a good song and I think the video is pretty good too, I can’t say that I’ve seen anything else like it. (mind you I won’t go making out with sledge hammers – that is just not my thing ah ha ha)

Miley’s video:

Lady GaGa’s song + performance :

remember peoples peace, don’t hate.

September challenge update.

Hey peoples,
I’m as per usual late in updating this but I was late starting the challenge. But heres the update 🙂


-Get at least 20hrs a week.

I have been woo – and this week I actually got 30hrs.  But next week I plan on spending some of my money :/


-Save 3000$

Ah no. I actually had to with draw 200 from my TFSA


-Pay off car balance and targo

Car balance is a gone! Targo is a not.


-Pay 200 to school loan at least.

Ah no. Not yet, maybe next week.


So far everything going good I guess, I’m getting work paying thing off. But haven’t been saving and have been using my credit card. Also made a massive purchase I got new glasses (You can see a photo on Facebook) RayBans. They cost about 500$ with the eye exam. Eek.

Also I need a new job like now. I’m so done with factory work.  SO DONE.


Once again a Facebook educed a post. Sometimes Facebook really get’s annoying and then people say ridiculous things and I just can’t help myself but reply back. This one is of a lesser seriousness issues when compared to say the language issues of Quebec; being the wildlife of Quebec, now if anyone who’s reading this knows me I’m kind of a wildlife tree huggers ? I guess you can say, well anyways that’s what my dad says I am. I’m not vegan and still eat meat and still believe in y’know farming for your needs and what not, but I don’t find it’s right to go killing off wild animals especially if they are endangered.
Now this comes from the thing of a few animals (dog and a horse) being attacked in my town and of course people talk and they think it’s a wild cat of some form, I think it might be the Coyotes I heard them a couple of nights ago getting all round-up and howling and stuff. But regardless of what the animal is some people are just ridiculous and say things without thinking twice such as ‘kill it’ and ‘I wonder who will be the first to shoot it’ and this happens ….
 “I mean they were here first, and on top of that they don’t have rational decision making ability like we do. It’s not like it thinking “hey, I want to kill someones sheep today.” they’re just satisfying a need of hunger which is in its nature. We can’t blame it for something that is completely normal and necessary for its survival. So unless it actually harms a human I don’t see why we should make the decision to kill it especially when relocating it is such a plausible idea and allows for 2 happy endings. As is we have ridden this world of so many animals some don’t even exist anymore because of our irrational behaviors. Moreover, I would be pretty pissed off to hear someone killed it. (And I’m done ;))” via me at 7 am in the morning being all witty and save the wildlifeness.

Whether it be this guy or the other 2 guys their are other options other than killing them off. Hello, relocation.

mountain lion

First off, one of the animals mentioned was a lynx, they are endangered and so help me god if it is one and some hillbilly does go and shoot him I’ll punch him out and please call the police because I don’t give a ****.  
Second off where do we have the right to rid of these animals they are only trying to survive. We don’t, there is one thing to survive and use them as a means as food and then there is killing for sport or for money. Not cool.
And then of course I have to analyze it in terms of  ‘if this was your situation’ : well I love my dog as if it was a child, I would be devastated if whatever it is was to chow down on her, but I’m a responsible dog owner and I don’t leave it out in the dark alone, since  most wildlife is nocturnal the chances of this happening are slim. But per say if something happen, I’m not going to run after it like a mad man with a shot-gun. I’m going to call the animal ward, I will also make sure it is relocated. And then sit and cry, cry so much like I’m watching Hachi. Such a touching movie.
I’m not completely sense less when  it comes to the point of our pets in jeopardy but if the owners made sure their pets were in then that could prevent such situations.
Lastly I do have a ‘draw line’ when ever what it is harms a human then that’s where something has to be done immediately.
Anyways guys,

eos A Product Review.

Eos is a fantastic brand of moisturizing products, most known for their lip balms that look like little colorful eggs. 
There’s a number of things that I am in love with about this product, first off it tastes the way it smells. Yea I know lip balm isn’t meant to be indulge but it just so happens if you lick your lips it does really taste like berries. 
Secondly its animal testing free, yep says it on the label and that’s fantastic in my opinion. I don’t usually purchase products based on whether or not they do animal testing, but I’m becoming more aware of products that do or do not, especially if a competitor with a better product doesn’t test on animals. In my opinion this is a huge win.
You can really feel the moisturizer  for a while I was using Baby lips but then it just didn’t do much. It felt gritty sometimes or I would still have chapped lips. But this you can feel it, lasts me a good few hours of softness. Even the boy approves of my super soft lips 😉
Lastly it has so many other great things about it ; its organic, gluten-free, all natural, paraben free, petrolatum free and phthalate free. Which makes it a great thing in such a small package. Also, I highly recommend this as a gift for your girls. Especially if they tend to be allergic to gluten or are pro-animal rights this is a really cute and useful gift at a insanely cheap price. (Not saying that you should cheap out on your mom or anything, it’s just a cute idea 😉 )
You can find these products at a local drugstore, in Huntingdon Uniprix sells them (They’re on sale this week, haha) They don’t go for more than 4$. Also there are other products like body lotion and shaving cream. 
I definitely recommend this product!

Le French Quebec.

I saw a post and this was my comment on it. Let me know what you guys think, agree, disagree ?

Was having a conversation about this earlier, I think all of the English population that’s in Quebec and has an issue with any of the laws or actions of french Quebec should have a peaceful protest to show we don’t appreciate it. I mean come on haven’t we learned from our mistakes (Hitler, blacks & whites. etc) ? aren’t we above all of the degrading and exclusion ? It’s bad enough we can’t get a job and we get criticized often enough. I dunno we need change and to work together. Thus being, not posting useless picture on the internet that make fun of Pauline. We get it you all dislike Pauline Marois let’s do something about it instead of hiding behind our computers !!

I think the majority of us who are bothered by this should stand up not sit down behind a computer. I just offering up a possible solutions and since protesting seems to be a current trend with the world now  a days, why not ?

Disclaimer: I’m not going to organised a protest because  I’m not that kind of person but I want to offer up a solution for all of the people who are annoyed, upset, and offended by french Quebecs actions.

And remember everyone, Peace!

P.S. This is aimed at no one in particular I just notice that 90% of my Facebook news feed is about her so I decided to be different and not upload a ridiculous picture. Don’t get offended, it’s just my prefrence.