I have a few goals…

Ah This “10k” Can be applied to a few things in my life,

and that is,

I want to run 10km sometime soon(no expiry date it is to be achieved over time )

and secondly save 10 000$ (no expiry)

And thirdly pay 11 000$ of debt I have off (6k student loan and 5k credit card as soon as possible)

And alongside those goals I would also like to have / buy : Fiat abarth 2014, my little house, a horse, a second husky, an enclosure for both dogs and another for horse, a extension on my house, and backpacking for 1 week and a trip to the amazon to work with endangered species. Which do I want first ? I have no clue (all at once ?!?!?!  high hopes lol)

But right now, I would like to pay off my credit card and reach my savings goal alongside either planning a trip or taking one (also getting a husky puppy in 2 weeks)

Does anyone have any advice as to what to do in terms of all my goals ?

any thoughts ?




4 thoughts on “10k

  1. Pick an amount….can be any amount and put that amount on your card each with each and every pay you get.If your pay varies it might be easier to use a percentage.I did that but i got off track…started back with this plan myself and it’s starting to pay off in terms of results.

    • I’m not sure though every time i pay some i just use it again. but im planning on in october to go on a dollar diet aka im not spending any money on restuarunts shopping or anything besides bills, debt and savings. (with one exception trevs birthday, my friends baby coming and kims bday) which hopefully i won’t spend much. any additonal advice

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