I need to figure out a better budget.

I keep using my credit card.

I keep buying unnecessary things.

I keep just going out when I actually don’t want to ( I rather just stay home and watch Netflix and drink tea or walk my dog)

But not all of my purchases are useless or unnecessary, for example I spent 600 on dental – that was important and is just part of general hygiene.  (this benefits my physical state)

I spent 400$ on a puppy and another 200 for supplies.  (this benefits my psychological state)

School related expenses such as gas to drive to school, intuition even lunches and food that I bring to school. (this benefits my mental state)

But all other things included such as food, more food, and how about some ice cream (because my ass need that) and stocking up on food (necessary to a point)

So here’s the common denominator is that I spend way too much money on food that I don’t need or really want – that being sure I want ice  cream and pizza but after eating it I go through this Psychological down fall of I shouldn’t have eaten that, or that’s not vegan or that was expensive or that just quite literally made me feel like shit (pizza on saturday game me food poisoning)


Now I just don’t know how to budget – should i still put some money in saving or should i just put it all onto credit ?

It’s rather frustrating.

Any advice ?




6 thoughts on “Debt

    • Thank you Carla, it’s so easy though no budgeting is involved when it comes to swiping that card. I have give or take 5k on a credit card and 6k student loan and 6,500k in savings. I earn a little over 300 a month whats a good amount or suggestion in a why to aggressively pay off that card ? thanks! ❤

  1. Yup pay off that credit card… but it is good to have a little bit in savings for a rainy day. When we were paying off debt we had 1,000 in savings. But that was for a family so if it’s just you by yourself you could probably get away with a little less.
    The credit card has such a high interest especially in comparison to your student loans. Get that down to 0 asap. Figure out how much you spend each month on necessities… then work on your budget from there. Include things you can’t live without like coffee or whatever… and those dental appointments too. 🙂

    • Well I have 6500 in savings but for some reason (probably safety) I’m holding on to it in my TFSA. I’m just not sure as to how much to pay towards my credit card per week – I only make 300 I have no idea whats reasonable + I keep using it. so i pay 100 and put 200 on it the next day it’s back words. But I have stocked up on canned foods for the winter sothe only things I have to purchase are fresh fruites and veggies (I’m vegetarian so no pricy meat! :)) do you have any advice on how to agressivly pay of 5000 of a credit card ? on a 300 by weekly pay check ? Goal oriented I would like to have it payed off before feburary 9th. AND I would like to also some how save at the same time.

  2. How is this coming along for you now? I say Cut the Credit Card! That is what I have had to do, maybe you can find something you love to do that will make you a little extra $. I work full time, but I also design invitations. You can create a shop on etsy. Just some ideas. I have learned that the staying home is just the way to go for me. I have children though – so that is a bit different! 🙂 –Samantha

    • I make scarves but I’m slow at it, I paid of 3k on the credit card then my dog got sick then i had to buy a car but it now it has problems (check new blog) staying home haha i am always home but i eat out T LUNCH alot!

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