GMV: Friends

Ah, I’m still vegetarian and vegan at least 3 days of the week, it’s hard being around 100% meat eaters or exception-ists (as in people who mainly eat vegetarian but still consume meet once in a while, gravy, seafood, eggs)

But what is hard is that most of the people whom surround me are not vegan or vegetarians and i simply have accepted that, which ive noticed online people on vegan sites hate for example other vegans whom are different (i.e. high fat, low fat, 80/10/10, raw, raw till 4, frutarians) But personally i just don’t hate people (rather dislike two people of which i don’t even talk to) so below i came up with a list of people or things that surround me that aren’t vegan and that i have accepted this, and my ultimate goal is to find friendships that are vegan or vegetarian.

What I have accepted:

-My friends eat meat (except for 1, she eats a hot dog once a year though haha Kim šŸ™‚ but is vegetarian)

-My boyfriend eats meat

-People I live with eat meat

-Coworkers eat meat

-No restaurants surve vegan meals in Huntingdon

What I can change:

– Find friends who are vegan and vegetarian and accept them into my circle of happiness

– only hopefully influence my boyfriend- can’t change him though. It is tough being two different people, living two different lifestyles and sharing an intimate relationship. my boyfriend has practically been the same guy for the last 4 years and me myself I’ve changed or reinvented myself at least 4 times in the last 4 years.

-Move into my own vegan home, where no harm is done to any animal

-Start out sourcing for far vegan restaurants in Montreal or just never eat out and save $$$$

and as for my coworkers (excluding k.) that really is not an issue it was just a point as to whom surrounds me that is not similar in lifestyles to me. I was simply justĀ listingĀ people, thus being i mean no offence to anyone whom eats meat i listed yous for example purposes.

Also a few other plans for when i have my own home. veggies and fruits EVERYWHERERERERERERESSSSSSSS šŸ™‚

organic and eco-friendliness

positivity and happiness

fitness and yoga.

all in all better things for me, my soul, the environment, and for anyone around me. ( what do i mean for anyone around me ? you know when you walk down the street and the guy in front of you is smoking and you get a big lung full of his nasty second hand smoke ? well no one around me will suffer from my second hand smoke or chemicals or litter(because i don’t smoke and don’t litter and avoid using chemicals that are toxic) – i do pollute because i fart and drive a car haha- but most of the things i do and plan on doing will better earth in some way or form.

what have you done today to Ā better yourself or planet earth ?

do you thinkĀ eatingĀ meat is killing ?

What do you agree orĀ disagreeĀ with ?

lastly, have any advice fellow vegans/vegetariansĀ ?




5 thoughts on “GMV: Friends

  1. You are awesome! Don’t get discouraged the more vibrant you live others will follow. Healthy is contagious. The plant-based lifestyle is the best way to live. Enjoyed your blog.

  2. Huntingdon will never have vegan meals because the demand for it is too small and there would not be enough profit for it.

    Technically yes eating meat requires the killing of animals.I don’t see it as being ” wrong or immoral ” though.Lots of animals eat meat the main difference is that we humans know how to cook meat.That being said i do find there is a lot of waste in the food industry as a whole.I probably won’t give up meat but i am trying to make changes in HOW i eat meat…like trying to drop the greasier stuff like hot dogs and baloney and trying to only ear real meat …especially the leaner stuff.Another thing i try really hard to do is either grill or oven roast my meats versus pan frying…but firing up a 400 degree oven isn’t always much fun in the summer.I think we should both start exploring better menus….like whole beans …but i will NOT eat tofu ….yuck.


    P.S. i will be writing a blog soon

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