GMV: Hardest step

So this is the second entry in my Girl meets vegan (and in later Girl meets vegan lifestyle meaning that I have successfully become vegan) This entry is a little on the worrisome side and the unsureness of my decision.



Dairy. (less of a concern / problem as compared to coffee hence why this blog will mostly address my coffee problems)

These two things have been in my life for years.

I grew up as a little girl occasionally getting tea and then steady at the age of 14/15 I would have a cup a day, then my late teens 17- 22 I would have more than cup  a day sometimes  a pot a day- I did included 22 there because I only started changing my habits in March and  I turned 22 in February so that is accounted for.  And going back to my 17 years I would have a pot a day – I didn’t like soda and coffee was relatively a cheap beverage, so it was and still is an addiction.

I plan on quitting coffee, maybe cold turkey, maybe substitute it with something else.

One thing is for sure I am ADDICTED to caffeine, the kind of massive head ache, and even sometimes vomiting if I don’t consume a cup of caffeine a day. Mind you as long as I have a cup a day of tea or coffee I’m good as gold.

I don’t want to be addicted to this. Maybe if coffee was a super food it would bother me, but it is not a super food and has been labeled as bad for you. Sometimes I won’t even consume other beverages like water or juice it was/is just coffee. Thirsty have a cup of coffee, preworkout beverage is coffee. (~~Mind you these are true and real examples of my self between 17 and 22, But I have started since Jan 2014 to cut down on coffee consumption and first thing in the am have a good big ol’ gulp of water, sometimes 1/4 a glass sometimes a cup of water~~)

So to conclude, I want to quit coffee and limit my milk intake or replace these two intakes with better healthier options that I’m not addicted to.

What are you addicted too ?


5 thoughts on “GMV: Hardest step

  1. if you still consume milk , then I am afraid to say that you are not a true vegan 😦
    Vegans do not eat/consume anything with animal products in them…including bath products, clothes, beauty products, etc; Just sayin :/

    • Im transitioning to vegan. My first post indicates how im vegitarian right now and this is my second post explaing how i want to quit coffee and dairy. Its a documentive series of blogs about my life changes, the biggest change is about turning vegan. So i know im not vegan yet :p ive done all my research. Also i should be posting blogs weekly about my changes so stay tuned.

  2. Sugar 😦 I don’t eat a lot but my brain sometimes feels like it will go to pieces unless I have a biscuit or something. Addictions are certainly annoying, aren’t they? Perhaps you could try replacing coffee with herbal tea? Of course it doesn’t have any caffeine, but perhaps just holding a hot cup would help you feel that you had got your fix.
    Good luck!

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