I keep saying to myself,

I’m just going to blog about all these good and sometimes (once in awhile) bad documentaries, But I Just haven’t gotten around to it.

And now due to procrastination I have watch so many that I would have to re watch them to be able to write about them.

But here is the catch, there is one documentary that I can’t stop thinking about and that I wish every single person in the world would watch!

It’s called : Earthlings   (I’ve linked that up so you guys can ALL  go watch it.

Out of every single documentary I watched this is the one, I recommend, and I won’t even talk about it here- I won’t give you a hint as to what it’s about. The title it’s self is good enough of a hint.

So if you read my blog, or follow me, watch this. it’s free already linked up for you, all it takes is a click of a button and about an hour and something of your time.

it has an affect on you.

What is something you have watch that has had an effect on you ?




2 thoughts on “Documentaries

  1. I have seen similar documentaries.The ones that tell you that you are an awful scumbag for eating meat and wearing fur,drinking milk,eating eggs etc.There is nothing wrong with eating meat or wearing fur.The problem is how certain people harvest these things and our wasteful attitudes towards them.We all rely on dead things for our comfort and survival.From the food we eat to the houses we live in.Every person who lives kills some living thing to eat.It’s not that we eat animals the problem comes with the waste we generate…..

  2. I’m not trying to stir up troubles or say it’s wrong to be a vegetarian or a vegan….but sometimes those documentaries misrepresent the facts to sway your opinions…which is kind of unethical if you’re trying to make a documentary …peace :O)

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