TGIF: March 7th

I have a massive to do list that I have to tackle today- yes sir.

-Go to the orthodontist

-Go to Walmart buy wool –

-Go to super C and buy all the super cheap strawberries (as many as I can !)

-Go to the library and renew my card and rent some books and ask them to order the walking dead books.

-Have a gigantic kale salad

-clean and freeze my strawberries

and finally,


What is on your to do list for today?


3 thoughts on “TGIF: March 7th

  1. My first thought was “how is she going to do all this today, it’s 11p.m!” and then I remembered you’re from Canada;))) Have a great day and a great workout!

    • haha yea it is only 3:51pm right now. I did all of my list except workout (which after this comment I’m off to go do ) and wash and freeze my strawberries ! Then at % pm I work on the farm 🙂 Where in the world do you live for it to be 11pm ?

  2. I live in Lithuania, one of the Baltic states, so here it’s 22:56 EET 😉 I don’t expect you to know Lithuania as it’s quite small on the map;D

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