The To-Do List.

Yea We all have one,

Where or not we get things done on it depends on how much we procrastinate and In my opinion how motivate we are in getting the list done.

Well here is my list (keeping in mind that I just got done work and am going back to work at 5:30)

Clean up– dishes

bath (read a couple pages of my book in bath)

Bank- Budget

Walmart (buy wool and see spark plugs price)




Contact Sarah ma friend and Dayle at Champlain to see about my course and last semester

Look and get gifts for Jessie and Trevor.


Two things on my list are already done (i have cleaned up a bit still have dishes to do though, and I am presently writing my blog.)

So I have 5 hours to finish he rest of my list woo.

What is on your list for the day ?


6 thoughts on “The To-Do List.

  1. Hi there !
    Thanks for the support on my blog ! I enjoy yours as well. I dropped the to-do-list when I started going obsessed about it, I was so worried I wouldn’t complete it I started feeling really bad about myself because the lists were too big and I could never get on top of things.
    Now I try to stick to one very simple mojo : do it now.
    I try to do everything I think off at the time or at least in the next days. It works beautifully for me, I sleep at night and I feel good about my abilities and skills !
    This is a nice topic ! Have an awesome week !

    • I tried the do it now, haha and FAILED. I’m kinda of a hyper and distracted easily person so I forgot my lists haha. If I don’t complete something on my list I usually get disappointed in myself. Thanks for the advice and for stopping by 🙂

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