January Favorites

So I had a few things that I could not put down , or stop listening to or things I keep on doing in January and I’ll go a head and list them now.


Animals – Martin Garrix

And this “Endless love” play list scroll down to and the press play. http://www.seventeen.com/entertainment/reviews/endless-love-soundtrack

And Lady GaGa’s Artpop CD



EOS lip balms and hand moisturizer. I’ve been over this in the past but I have about 10 now and love all of them.

My new make up brushes – I have never owned brushes and waited until this super expensive set went on sale and snagged them as quick as possible. And that my friends is love.

Curling wand, Which I use to make in theory curls but they end up being more beach waves.



Juicer, I love my juicer. I have used this everyday since I bought it. I highly recommend it for EVERYONE. haha

My car which I got in January and have use it almost everyday since I got it.

And my new phone app Farm Up – it’s like farmville but better and so addictive.

I cannot at the moment think of anything else I was in love with or used a lot in January so this must be it 🙂

What are your Favorites this month ?



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