Working on Homeostasis.


The balance within that’s going to be affecting the outside too.

So this new year I have been restoring balance on the outside of my life- debt repayment, saving, getting more work, working out everyday, doing more things I like, Getting plenty of sleep. But some of these “outside things”  affect my inner body – like being healthy, eating healthy, sleeping 8 hours a day, working out, skating.

I can’t say “I’m healthy” I mean some of you will argue with me, for the most part I am improving my heath (but I just ate a bowl of fro-yo sooo I can’t say just yet that I am healthy) Though I have been daily incorporating healthy juices into my diet – in my opinionmy efforts are  still minimal. I know that If I wanted too I could be eating healthy a good 90% of the time. But …

One thing I keep saying is a priority of mine is to be healthier – I mean though this is a lifestyle I already have; I am influenced by those around me – friends and my boyfriend especially. And I lack self-control. I JUST CANNOT NOT EAT CHOCOLATE IF IT IS OFFERED TO ME. And sadly I won’t say no. But see if that was just the case – it alongside others foods offered to me once in a blue moon I’d be all good. It’d be once in a while and controlled. But I live with my Boyfriend – and even though his parents don’t buy all of our food and I’d say 1/4th is healthy  (we buy our fruits and veggies for juicing) I just can’t say no to that fro-yo or that over processed bread or pasta or nuts. I mean I walk into the kitchen often – It’s where the exit of the house is.  And it is so easy just to grab and go.

Sure your thinking “portion control” nope I lack that too.

And I guess this post is about the struggle – maybe I’m weak, or discipline less. I just don’t know how.

Alongside this my boyfriend works at a resto so it is so easy to ask him to order something for me – and the second I ask I regret it, but then it is too late I can’t just waste the food. So I eat it.

I’m not blaming them- I’m completely blaming myself, I just wish there was a way to not want it. To look at it and go ‘meh’.

Does anyone have any ideas and such ?

Methods ?

Are you like this too ?

Peace, stay healthy.



4 thoughts on “Working on Homeostasis.

  1. Yes that is TOTALLY me.I struggle every day with healthy eating choices…and even more with portion control.It sucks sometimes but we will stick with it until it’s under control :O)

    • I think – I know that one day I will be controlled and good – I have done it before. In grade 11 I drooped 60 lbs and was in fantastic shape (mind you my methods were those of a bullied 17 year old who did just about anything to lose weight) and I get discouraged because it is taking me so long now but I am doing it the healthy happier way.

  2. It wasn’t until I started tracking my calories did I understand how much I overate. I used to do all you can eat sushi once a week until I realized I ate more than a day’s calories at lunch and then still ate a good sized dinner. Greatly explained why my pants were not fitting as well as they used to. lol I have had great success with Maybe tracking might work for you.

    • I actually have an “” user account- but I forget all my pass word and user name. lol. TRUST me I know I’m over eating lol. AND BUFFETS. Who. Why. My pants. lol I can eat at least 3 plates of food – I usually avoid them but if someone offers to bring me out and pay for me (I figured I might as well eat my money’s worth) Right now – I juice for two meals and eat solids for two meals. I’m avoiding the honey roasted nut jar and the pop tarts. SO FAR SO GOOD. 🙂 I feel like as long as I’m busy I have no need to ‘Munch” cause simply that is my problem- I just like the feeling of munching even if I’m not hungry.

      –> I once seen a picture on instagram that said ” Bad diet – workout 1-7 hours everyday of week” the girl still had a bit of chub but was in shape the second part was … “good diet works out 3-5 days a week” and of course she was thin and fit and probably had 7% fat.

      I related to that photo so much – because it’s not my fitness and workouts that need so much altering, I do yoga, I skate all the time, walk the dog, I have my cardio plan and strength plan alongside this my job it’s self is super physical (I do alone 210 squats in one shift about 420 in one day milking cows) ITS JUST MY CALORIE intake.

      Lastly: I have lost 4 lbs since my new diet change —-> I mentioned about about juicing (I have one fruit juice and one veggie juice) in the am and have a solid late afternoon snack like hummus and veggies or crackers and then a decent meal for dinner. I just started doing this two weeks ago and have been doing the save fitnessp lan roughly for 2 months now.

      OMG I’m so sorry for this heck of a response it’s more like a blog on it’s own 🙂 Come abck and read soon
      Peace xox.

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