Oh the terribleness,

Save here,

Don’t spend here,





But anyways for those of you who are nosy as fuck or just simply are curious as to what my newly high tech and well thought out budget is stay tuned … for the well thought out budget I follow.

(in a nutshell pay my debts, save money, and feed myself)

BASED ON A WEEKLY PAY. (divided by envelopes – savings is deposited into bank account)

Gas (to get to work and some leeway for extra driving) 50$

Savings ย (To buy a better car or rent my own place or buy a house one day) 60$

Random (I go free skating a lot and its 2$ each time and movies and clothes) 30$

Car (Jan 2004, Feb ย 186.92$, and from march on it will be ย : 9.80$ a week) 60$ (for now)

Veggies & fruits (healthy eating still going strong JUICE) 40$

DEBT (and go fuck yourself -consumer burden piece of shit I have been paying all my life credit cards should die- //EndRant ) 60$


And there you go and that should equal to 300$ a week.

I pledge to follow this. but January is the first month I’m testing out this budget and it may have flaws which will result in changes. I figure everything will be sorted out by march.

Also say if I need 10$ more for driving and haven’t used any of my random money – well it is obvious: I’ll just take from the random envelope since it has no true definition as to how I use it.



11 thoughts on “Budget

  1. The envelopes thing works really well…i’ve been doing it for a few months.And once the shack gets back to normal i will be able tp save more agressively.One tip….get yourself a baggie and put 2 or 3 $ a week in there for stuff like buying a special treat.

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  3. Looks good …the underlying factor here is that you’re trying. Yes, there will always adjustments when trying something new. Perseverance will Triumph!!!!

    • I don’t think I would EVER be able to do a monthly budget :p But I have so far been doing weekly and they are working out – I made certain arrangements which I will post about in February, If you’re interested stop buy again ๐Ÿ™‚ peace

  4. Nice one!! The envelope idea is a good one, I’ve just started that too! Trying to get back to ‘handling’ money – a tip from a finance book I recently read. Actually seeing money, rather than just some numbers on a screen at an payment gateway. Good luck!

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