That thing we call the holidays.

How were your holidays ?

Mine were good except I’m not a very holiday-y person, I like to spend time with people and stuff my face but when it comes it gift giving or receiving I rather just not take part in it. I feel like that is all Christmas is about.

Maybe it is because I’m rebellious, maybe it is because of something else.

Growing up I would remember my parents getting gifts for me and my brother and leaving bills unpaid until they had more money. This probably has to do with my sour image of Christmas, I mean why must we spend tones of money to make kids happy or our friends and family feel loved by us ? I feel like children grow up with more expectations and a massive materialistic ideologies. It’s disgusting, some kids are a third my age and have phones and new high tech gadgets and probably don’t even know what monopoly or play-dough is !

Now on a more personal level, I really just don’t want to get 30 different people gifts, honestly “ain’t nobody got time for that” and I ain’t got the money for that either. But I do like the idea of pulling a name out of a hat and buying that one person a gift, it’s more “user friendly” in my opinion. I’m not selfish, I’m not greedy, I don’t only want gifts, I couldn’t be bothered if no one even gave me anything as long as I got to eat some turkey 🙂 But I know just saying all of this I’ll probably be regarded as a scrooge or something like so.


And our children (I do not have any), the younger generations they  are just so goddamn materialistic. For example my own younger brother the first thing I heard out of his mouth when I seen him over the holiday was “What did you get me ?!??!?!?!?!?” My reaction was disgust and then to slap him upside the head, of course I didn’t do that but still. Is this really what it is about? Seeing each other and having a big dinner talking about the ol’ times  to me is better than the contrary.

What are your opinions of the holidays ?

What did you get if you get anything?

How do you gift give, pull a name out of a hat or give something to everyone ?

Peace, xo.

One thought on “That thing we call the holidays.

  1. Ha ! you basically wrote what i was thinking.xmas used to be fun … when i was little running down the stairs to see what was under the tree.Then as you get older you notice how stressful it can be.Like how parents will put off bills to the last minute or pay them late just to buy you some piece of junk you don’t really need.One year i got a new TV and a Super Nintendo. ( I shudder to think what my parents spent on that ) Not to mention my dad ending up in the hospital every year due to stress related heart problems until one year he died a week before Dec 25.I really don’t care about getting gifts…if i want something i buy it or go without.Long as i get my turkey or ham dinner it’s all good.I could give a rat’s ass about someone not getting me a gift…if i want something i buy it for myself or i do without it.

    Don’t worry ..not liking the xmas nonsense doesn’t make us scrooges…it makes us sane :O)

    xmas sucks !

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