School and such.

Hey people,

Sorry I’ve been of the net lately with school, new job, and a new boyfriend.

But basically my life has been like: school , work, workout, boyfriend, and repeat.

I like for the most part all of my classes so far, except microeconomics. it just makes me wanna *head desk* all of the time. I don’t understand anything – though maybe if I wasn’t writing a blog right now and was listening to the teacher I would find it easier.

I need to get more workouts in, I’ve lost 15 lbs I need to lose more, and jeeze my arms are terrible. period.

But yea, I’m kind of happy.  Well kind of; I mean I am actually really happy.

Peace 😉

4 thoughts on “School and such.

    • I feel like giving up on school just for this semester, I know what I want to do and it is not any of this micro or ISSS crap. I want psychology and science and fitness. But if I stop now I get 5 low grades on my R score :/ Fitness is my number one priority right now.

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