September no/low Spend Challenge & Goals!!

September no/low Spend Challenge & Goals!!

Once again Carla is having a challenge and i love challenges.  Though i highly doubt that i’ll not spend some money this month especially with school stuff and what not i do have savings goals and debt repayment goals. So as long as I get near those goals a coffee once a while or going for a little drive with my car won’t bother me much.

-Get at least 20hrs a week.

-Save 3000$

-Pay off car balance and targo

-Pay 200 to school loan at least.

I would really like 20hrs a week at least but, with work laying off people i have a feeling I will get fewer hours too as well.

I paid up front 4 months of rent so it brought my 3000 savings down and ideally I would like to get it back up to 3k.

I have two unsolved recent balances that I need to pay soon, one was my car needed to be fixed and another an internet bill. They’ll be paid promptly.

My school loan which i didn’t pay at all this summer (don’t have too) i’d like to pay something towards it even if it is just 200$

Alongside these goals paying of my debt and saving are always my number one goal. I do however plan on buying a new vehicle before the end of the year so i’d be grateful if I could have 4k saved or more. The more the merrier.

Peace 🙂

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