What is next

Hey peoples
So lately I’ve been reading my horoscope daily on this cell phone app and I’ve been sending my friends their horoscopes too.

I don’t know why but for some reason I’m hoping that it will be true and tell me everything that’s bound to happen in my life in the next short little while. Seems harmless, but really is it? Why am I so stuck on finding out what will happen in the future? Is it because of my past? Or is it because of the present. I keep telling myself who cares ! Just go with it! What happens, happens! But honestly I see myself sneaking around my inner thoughts and in a way trying to find answers in the form of horoscopes, peoples opinions etc.

I just got to stop and actually stop. Jeeze, I waste about 15 mins on this app just reading about my daily and weekly future and then sending my friend the same crap.

Well here is to hoping that I’ll stop giving a fuck about the future unless its goal setting and reaching.

So advice of the day “don’t worry be happy” (I so totally stole that too)


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