I Shall Sit

Hey peeps,
So I’ve always wanted to be able to write a blog while just sitting in a massive tub with bubble bath and enjoying my morning seeing the sun rise higher through the second story bathroom window. Just simply relaxing. With Dutchess a few feet away.

Sadly when I come back to reality I realize I’m a nervous anxious nut case presently. I have so much stress – well for me everything (even if its nothing) is stressing me out.

For example Dutchess is calm their has to be something wrong. I never got a text message from my good friend, their has to be something wrong.

May I as well point out how I did a 12hr night shifft and a 40 minute jog and am still not tired. (Nutty I swear) all joking aside I’m stressed for like no reasons. I mean I few major things happened this summer but I shouldn’t be this stressed should I? And of fucking course I have psoriasis on my face. ON MY FACE. Mother. Fuck.

*get’s more worried/ anxious/ stressed *

I wish I could take a chill pill.
Anyways I’m out I need to get back into my pretend perfect world bath and pretend everything’s all good. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I’ll be less craycray.

Peace y’all

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